CaseCrown 8.9″ Alligator Slim Case

CaseCrown Alligator Slim Case

As many of you tech-loving ladies out there know, it can be very difficult at times to find a nice, feminine looking case for your gadgets.  I love clothes and accessories just as much as I love technology, and I hate putting a gadget in a boring case into a cute handbag.  I just don’t understand why tech accessories have to be boring!

When I saw the CaseCrown Alligator Slim Case, the first thing I noticed was that it was stylish looking and came in PINK…not just soft baby pink, but bright hot pink!  I knew I had to try it out.CaseCrown has a pretty large selection of netbook cases to fit almost anyone’s taste, from the sleek Slim Pocket Case that Michael reviewed to more fashion-forward cases like the Alligator Slim Case.  I appreciate a company who understands the gadget market and makes a wide variety of cases and accessories accordingly.

Here is the product description from the CaseCrown website:

CaseCrown Hot Pink 8.9 Alligator Slim Case provides a perfect protection for your netbooks. This ultra light and thin pouch is made of premium shock absorbing double memery foam and it provides extra protection for the netbooks. The exterior Alligator faux leather material will enhance your fashion while it provides maximum security for your valuables. The exterior material is also water resistant and zipper scratch-free. The front pocket can accomodate the adapter.

– Snug, Customized Fit For Your Netbooks
– Premium Quality Shock-Absorbing Double Memory Foam Interior
– Water & Wear Resistant; Zipper Scratch-Free Exterior Material
– Light & Thin Compact Design
– Internal Supporting Bands

CaseCrown closed

The case was just as bright in person as it was on the website–it is a brilliant hot pink color, very striking.  It is very solidly built from good quality faux leather.  I am not usually a fan of faux leather, but the CaseCrown case manages to look very nice.  The strap of the case has a comfortable shoulder pad and is easily adjustable, which is great because I love to wear bags cross-body rather than just over my shoulder.  It also features handles in case you don’t want to wear the bag. I found myself carrying it to client meetings like that a lot, because it feels like a very small attache case.

CaseCrown pocket

The pocket on the front of the case is surprisingly generous for a slim netbook case, big enough for me to fit the Dell Mini 9 adapter, my Rocketfish Bluetooth mouse and various cords with room to spare.  I found that it was even big enough to fit the Tekkeon MyPowerAll 3400 portable battery that I have been using for extra power when I’ll be away from the office (and an outlet) for a long day.  I love not having to clutter up the bottom of my handbag with loose accessories and cords!

CaseCrown inside

The inside of the case is where the Alligator Slim really shines–like other cases in the CaseCrown lineup, it is lined with memory foam to provide your netbook plenty of protection.  I carry my Dell Mini 9 with me almost everywhere, work or play, and I try to baby it as much as I can from outside elements or the dreaded bangs and drops that can end a gadget’s life pretty quickly.  The memory foam in the Alligator Slim really makes the Mini feel protected without making the case bulky or heavy.

CaseCrown straps

The case also features a set of straps that supposedly keep the netbook strapped in, but they were too widely spaced to work with both the top and bottom of the Mini 9.  I merely strapped it in on the bottom and left the top free.  However, the case fits very snugly when zipped, so the netbook is cradled by the memory foam and does not slip around.  I really don’t like strapping my gadgets into bags anyway, so this was not a deal breaker.  Not using both sets of straps also allowed me to slip a slim Moleskine notebook or sheaf of papers in with the netbook.

I got tons of compliments on the Alligator slim case, both from women who wanted to know where they could get such an adorable laptop case and from people who just appreciated that it was such a bright, sassy pink!  I think it is a great choice for the fashionable gal who wants a great netbook case, but also for anyone who wants a well-made netbook case.  Don’t worry, guys…it comes in other colors!

Where to Buy:
Price: $28.92

What I Like:
– Great construction
– Protective memory foam lining
– Slim and fashionable
– Generous front storage pocket

What Needs Improvement:
– Nothing

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  1. Jessica – I love the look of this case, actually my pink-loving wife immediately commented on how cool it looked compared to the techie-looking bags I have around! 😀

    One thing – the case looks very large for a 8.9″ spec – it looks like it could easily fit a 10″ netbook … how does it seem in that regard?

  2. Jessica Fritsche | September 8, 2009 at 9:09 pm |

    I think it could definitely fit a 10″…part of me actually wonders if it IS the 10″ that they sent. Supposedly there are two different sizes, one for a 10″ and one for an 8.5″, but I thought it looked pretty big too. Perhaps it’s a good question for the CaseCrown people!

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