Quirky PowerCurl Keeps Mac Laptop Power Cables Organized

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Anyone with a MacBook knows that the MagSafe Power Adapter’s block has an elegant winding device built right in – there are little wings that flip up from the block itself to hold the cable. This works very well as long as you are only winding the thin power cable that comes from the block itself. The remaining removable portion that goes from the block to the wall outlet is a much bulkier cable, and it generally has to be looped over itself and tied off somehow.

That’s where the quirky PowerCurl comes in.

PowerCurl wraps both cords (plug end & MagSafe end) around the device and allows for easy and quick cord wrapping. The Curl, as we like to call it, makes it easy to unplug and pack up quickly saving you the trouble of untangling your extension cords the next time you need to set up shop.

MacBook Gear   MacBook Gear

MacBook Gear   MacBook Gear   MacBook Gear

MacBook Gear   MacBook Gear   MacBook Gear   MacBook Gear

I’ve just pre-ordered three of the quirky PowerCurls. At $9.99 with free shipping, these are a great idea!

 Quirky PowerCurl 


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