CharjenPro MacBar E Adapter Adds the Ports to Your MacBook That You’ve Been Missing

If you have a more recent MacBook that doesn’t include the basic ports necessary to do everyday functions like syncing your devices to iTunes or even just being able to transfer data from memory cards, the CharjenPro MacBar E Adapter has got your back.

CharjenPro MacBar E Adapter Adds the Ports to Your MacBook That You've Been Missing

CharjenPro sent over their MacBar E USB Type C Hub for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and I’ve been using it exclusively for when I’m traveling out of town and for my everyday travel to work. CharjenPro states that it’s exclusively for the 2018 and 2019 MacBooks, but I’ve been able to easily use it with my 2017 model MacBook.

The MacBar E comes complete with three USB 3.0 ports, and a single USB-C port for anything that you want to attach to it including external hard drives, your smartphones, tablets or printer. There’s also a Micro SD as well as an SD card reader which is great for mobile Youtubers or photographers/videographers who have to quickly transfer data from another device to their MacBook without having to plug extra items into a power source.

CharjenPro states that you can get speeds up to 103Mbps when transferring your media from the SD cards to your computer, which personally came into help for me when I found a few MicroSD cards and individual memory cards from old portable cameras laying around my house for Spring cleaning.

While I do have Gigabit internet, WiFi can be hit or miss when transferring files to and from, as well as when it comes to an Internet connection. With the MacBar E, I was able to actually use the included Ethernet port which allowed me to use a wire connected for steady service, which came in handy for transferring roughly 1231 photos from my wedding to two flash drives for my family in a matter of minutes.

CharjenPro MacBar E Adapter Adds the Ports to Your MacBook That You've Been Missing

If there’s one thing I could change or improve about the MacBar E would have to be its ability to be used with cases. While I don’t have a case on my MacBook now, the MacBar E won’t work with many of the MacBook cases on the market. The hub securely connects to the two USB Type C ports on your MacBook without any gaps, but the trade-off is your MacBook is no longer protected from drops and the elements. Aside from that, it’s very durable, handling drops into my bag and still working, on top of staying connected a bit more securely than those typical hubs.

You can purchase the MacBar E for $64.99 directly through CharjenPro.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Built of aluminum, can take a drop in bags and it attaches directly to the MacBook without a dongle; Adds many of the ports now missing from newer MacBooks

What Needs Improvement: Will not work properly when the MacBook is kept in a case

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