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October 1, 2009 • Reviews

iPhone Problem Solved… Thanks To MovieWedge


It is a problem as old as the iPhone itself… you want to watch a video on it but can’t find a comfortable way to hold it for an extended picture…


You’ve tried laying the iPhone flat on the able… great solution it you have a live-in chiropractor to help with the neck strain…


You’ve tried simply holding the iPhone but that only works for two minute YouTube videos. (And try doing this when your wrist has been fused!)


You’ve tried leaning it on a host of household items. (The MightMouse approach was a total fail. The Pepto box not much better.)


You tried making a stand out of paperclips after reading about it on line. (Yeah, like that is going to work.)


Now, thanks to the Movie Wedge it is… PROBLEM SOLVED.


The soft microsuede device holder looks and feels like any old beanbag but there is a difference. The Movie Wedge is specially designed to hold a variety of devices as variable angles.

How does it work?


It works great with the iPhone.


It works great with the iPod touch.


It even works great with the Sprint HTC Hero.

At just $9.95 the Movie Wedge is a terrific accessory to throw in your bag and have at the ready when needed. And the fact that the microsuede covering can be used to clean the screen… a bonus!

The MovieWedge is available from for $9.95.

What I Like: Does what it says.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.

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  2. navid says:

    iPhone Problem Solved… Thanks To MovieWedge from @iNewsApp

  3. metsfan123 says:

    You know, this seems like a really good idea. Good luck with your product, perhaps i'll pick one up if available!

    – A

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