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Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

The Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case by M-Edge

When we were walking the aisles at CES, there was one booth that stood out like a bright sunflower in a field of hay; that booth belonged to M-Edge, and the items that caught my eye were their new mobile accessories designed by Trina Turk. I love the fact that Trina Turk is designing such eye-popping cases for the iPhone 5 and other Apple devices; pictures just don’t do the bright colors and pleasing textures justice.

Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

The Trina Turk iPhone 5 case by M-Edge is a dual layer system that couples a brightly colored protective soft silicone inner case with a hard plastic outer case, so that the iPhone 5 held inside is completely shielded from all but the worst drops and other disasters. M-Edge makes excellent cases, and I have no doubt that these will hold up well.

Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

Inserting the iPhone 5 into the silicone portion of the case is simple enough; it’s mainly a matter of making sure that you have the silicone edge pulled up all the way around the iPhone 5’s screen.

Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

Putting the hard shell on takes a little bit of patience; that sucker is tight! But once your iPhone 5 is inside the case, you’ll have excellent protection on the back and sides, as well as a bright silicone bumper around the screen for face-down protection; add a screen protector, and your iPhone will be set!

Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

The bright green inner silicone layer adds a gorgeous pop of color on Trina Turk’s black and white Ladybug pattern; two other designs are also available — Art Basel Linear and Trellis; each of those have an orange silicone inner layer that contrasts well with the outer shell’s design. 

Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

Once the iPhone 5 is inside the case, you’ll still have easy access to the camera, the power button, charging port, volume buttons and the mute switch. Other than the circle-Ts that compose the ladybug design, you’ll find the Trina Turk name on the left side of the case …

Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

…and the m-edge name embossed on the right.

Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case

You would think that making a fashionable iPhone 5 case would be a no-brainer for a women’s fashion house, but not many of them have done it. And this is the thing, most of the women I know who care about fashion also care about the cases that they put their devices in; fashionable women want fashionable accessories. Trina Turk’s partnership with M-Edge was a smart move by both companies; the resulting cases are gorgeous and protective.

The Trina Turk iPhone 5 Case is available directly from M-Edge or from the Trina Turk site.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Bright and fashionable cases that are very protective; easy access to all ports, switches and buttons

What Needs Improvement: Outer shell is a little bit tough to get on

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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