Make Memories Last with Picaboo Photo Books

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Do you have summer photos just hanging around on your hard drive, abandoned now that fall is here?  (Well, or almost here if you live in Texas!)  Don’t let them get forgotten–upload them to Picaboo!


Picaboo is a service that allows you to create photo books and cards from your digital photos, starting at just $9.99 for a softcover book.

They offer easy-to-use software that guides you through the creation process with tons of  layouts, backgrounds, fonts, and sample albums to help spark ideas.  Possibly the coolest feature of the software is the ability to auto-create a photo book in just minutes, similar to the Autoflow feature when creating a book in iPhoto.

They have different book options with various cover styles and sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your album of photos from the summer trip, taking the kids to the beach, or documenting your honeymoon.  You can also share photo books you’ve created online.

I really like the options they have available.  I am a horrible former bride, and I still need to do something special with the photos from my wedding.  I think this would be the perfect way to create a keepsake for ourselves as well as our parents.  Christmas IS creeping up a lot sooner than I’d like–a photo book sounds like the perfect gift for my in-laws!  I smell a project coming on…

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