Firefighter Robot might save lives one day

Hoya Robot, A South Korean company, is developing a robot that one day might just help save the lives of both victims and firefighters.  The Firefighter’s Assistant Robot can enter burning building and size up the scene as well as check for victims who may be trapped inside.

The unit can operate for up to 30 minutes and withstand temperatures of up to 320 degrees F.  Weighing in at only 3 pounds the robot is water resistant and it can survive falls of up to 6 feet.  It’s small enough that it can fit in the palm of your hand.

The super speedy robot can cover over one foot per second and can be remote controlled from 54 yards away.  It’s meant to quickly enter a fire scene where it can send back information such as data on temperature, smoke and gasses.  Its on-board camera has lights underneath which illuminate the area around it.

About 50 fire stations in South Korea are set to receive 100 test units of the robot and Hoya plans to show off the device at the International Robot Exhibition 2009 (iRex) in Tokyo in November.

Watch the robot in action.

Source:  Fire Link

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