iShower Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker Review

iShower Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker ReviewI’m a guy who needs constant input. Whether it’s sport talk on the radio or music from Spotify while I’m working or a television droning in the background while I’m fixing supper, I always want something to entertain me. So the five minutes I spend in the shower every morning is problematic.

I do have one of those old shower radios that had a television tuner as well so I could keep up with the Today Show while I completed my morning ablutions. But once digital tv pretty much killed over the air transmission, that eliminated the usefulness of that function. Plus the sound quality from my old shower radio is pretty sketchy, especially when the battery is starting to die down.

Enter the newest solution, the iShower from iDevices. This Bluetooth enabled water-resistant speaker is the latest relief from the folks who brought us one of my favorite outdoor cooking tools, the iGrill.

Attractive designed in the sleek glossy white construction that exemplifies Apple-type accessories, the iShower has simple functionality and controls. Easy-to-use buttons fulfill all the necessary functions of power on/off, Bluetooth pairing, volume control and ff/reverse. There is also a separate button for illuminating a digital clock to remind you if you’re running late while you’re luxurating in the shower. One little quibble is that the clock only works if the device is powered up, so if you happen not to be listening to music, you have to hit two buttons to figure out what time it is. Maybe this could be a revision in iShower 2.0.

The 10 volume levels are plenty loud enough to be heard over the sound of the shower, and the fidelity of sound is excellent. You can pair the iShower to up to five different devices and users, so everyone in the house can play music from their own music library. With a range of up to 200′, you can definitely keep your iPhone out of danger and away from the water.

Whether you want to listen to iTunes or music through streaming services, the pairing is quick and simple. I employ radio apps like Tune-In Radio and iHeartRadio to keep the sports talk flowing, which is critical to a redneck like me as we approach college and pro football season. Can’t miss out on any news about my favorite teams or the ones I can’t stand, you know.

iShower Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker ReviewThe iShower comes with several different mounting options, but I just hang it from the attached handle that can also be swiveled to serve as a stand. This gives the benefit that it’s easy to take iShower from place to place like to the pool or the beach or my favorite new use, next to our hot tub. Even after installing a pretty nice outdoor speaker system hooked up to my home stereo tv set-up, it was always difficult to hear the music over the whooshing of the jets. Now with iShower, we can jam out to our favorite tunes while we hang out in the tub.

The iShower is compatible with most Bluetooth devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Here’s a list of all compatible equipment, if you’re interested.

The iShower retails for $99.99 and is available from the company’s website.

iShower Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker Review

My girlfriend occasionally reads Gear Diary, so let me assert that I do not know this woman and she has never been in my shower.


What I Like: Attractive, sleek design. Easy to use functionality. Great sound quality.

What Needs Improvement: I wish the clock could be displayed without having to power up the whole device. A quibble, I know…

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