Elgato Makes Any Home Smarter In the Simplest Ways

Elgato was one of the first companies to fully embrace Apple’s HomeKit, even with Apple’s strict rules and regulations set in place. So the fact that the company continues to bridge the gap between your regular, schmegular home and technology to give you details that you otherwise wouldn’t know is very impressive. So I fully expect the Elgato Eve Button to be a success.

Makers of the Eve Weather, and Eve Switch, Elgato announced their Eve Button, a practical and minimalistic controller for HomeKit scenes to work in tandem with your iPhone or Tablet’s “Home” app.

Elgato Makes Any Home Smarter In the Simplest Ways

Sporting the simplest of designs the Eve Button is made of aluminum, and can activate up to three HomeKit scenes based on a single, double or long press. WIth the number of HomeKit products being announced here in Vegas, the Eve Button will already work with the likes of Phillips Hue Lights, and all existing HomeKit-enabled products, all while seamlessly setting up in minutes without the need for a bridge or third party source to configure. The battery itself is replaceable, and with a low-energy Bluetooth function, you will be more connected to your home than ever before.

Available for $49.95 later this month, you can find out more information on the Eve Button, you can head over to Elgato’s site today.

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