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November 2, 2009 • Reviews

Moshi Voice Response Alarm Clock – Review


This is one of those products that kind of snuck up on me. It looked like it was one of those electronic curiosities that catches your eye, leads to an impulse buy and then, within a week, is in a box collecting dust.

As it turns out the Moshi Voice Response Alarm Clock works quite well, is remarkably useful and the review unit I was sent can will remain on my night table once this review is done.

Lets take a look at this unusual, and useful, clock. A video demo follows…


From The Company:

Sure, there are other talking clocks out there. The Moshi Voice Control (VC) Alarm Clock, however, is not a talking clock. The Moshi VC Alarm Clock is the first ‘listening clock’ that allows you set the time and alarm by your voice alone.

Voice Control (VC) Technology
With the Moshi Voice Control (VC) Alarm Clock, you can ask for the time while getting ready in the bathroom, set the alarm or turn off the alarm without moving from the comfort of bed, and know the current temperature all the way from the closet. No more small buttons and no more impossible programming. Just speak, and Moshi listens.
Take control your alarm clock
At Moshi, we believe that you should be able to control your electronics and not the other way around. With the Moshi VC Alarm Clock, you are in complete control by using our voice activated commands. Simply activate Moshi by saying, “Hello Moshi”. Moshi will then politely respond with “Command Please” and then choose any of the 12 voice activated commands listed below.

Voice Activated
3 Alarm Sounds
3 Sleep Sounds
Night Light (Single/Multi)
Volume Control
Dimensions: 7.5″ x 3.25″ x 4.5″
Power: AC/DC (3 AAA batteries for backup power, not included)

The clock can be used like any normal clock.


The controls are small, hard to see and behind the screen. The LCD is easy to read and not too bright.

As a clock it is… okay. But it isn’t just a clock.


No, this clock understands a limited number of commands…  It is kind of difficult to explain how it all works… and works well so… instead of describing it here is a look…

The Moshi has an MSRP of $49.99 and is available directly from the company website or a variety of online retailers.

What I Like:
Cool Voice Control That Really Works Well
Easy To Use

What Needs Improvement:
Would love to see more choice in alarm sounds
Would love to see more sleep sound choices (currently 3 available)
Physical controls are small and hard to see

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  1. Moshi – ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????…

  2. Grace W. says:

    RT @ThaiShortNews Moshi – ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????…

  3. la3541 says:

    How long and how do you activate snooze?

  4. cagl says:

    I've seen these online, pretty cool, especially for Seniors. Any idea what the model # is on the one with VOLUME CONTROL that you reviewed? Other reviews talk about the one without VOLUME CONTROL… that they're a little loud and people wish it had a control! Thanks….

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