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November 3, 2009 • News

Brinell Purestorage Hard Drives for the Ferrari Set


If you wear Zegna suits, have a home in the Hamptons, and if your other car is a Ferrari, then a plastic casing on your portable hard drive would be nothing short of gauche. It’s for you that the brinell purestorage line was created…

With the brinell purestorage product series, brinell, the Karlsruhe-based creative designer, has put portable hard drives on the market, setting new standards in the area of IT peripherals. Not only do these units rank among the most compact USB hard drives in cheque card and pocket format with a capacity of up to 500 GB, they also have an eye-catching housing, made completely of exclusive, high-quality materials such as stainless steel, exotic wood, nappa leather or carbon”

The styles available are the “understatement” (black chrome & wood), the “elegant” (chrome & leather), and the “engineered” (chrome & brushed steel or chrome & carbon).


Costing between 189 – 229 euros, these high quality units are easily affordable. brinell grants a one-year guarantee on all purestorage hard drives. Included in the delivery scope are Mini-USB cable, cleaning cloth by TownTalk and a the backup- and synchronizing tool PureSync by Jumping Bytes.

Sure, these hard drives are much nicer looking than the average disk, but even if the brinnell website calls them “easily affordable” the average worker-bee will find them a bit pricey.The average bajllionaire, on the other hand …


Link: brinell purestorage

4 Responses to " Brinell Purestorage Hard Drives for the Ferrari Set "

  1. Travis Ehrlich says:

    Yes! Not cheap, but would look great traveling with my MBP! I’m thinking that is rosewood. Could possibly be cocobolo. Ether way, I could make a matching fountain pen and be stylin’!!

  2. Oooh! That would be lovely! 🙂

  3. Joel McLaughlin says:

    I should have my dad make some leather cutouts to glue on my Western Digital drive.

  4. ? [from marisaolson] Brinell Purestorage Hard Drives for the Ferrari Set | Gear Diary

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