Otterbox Commuter and Commuter TL Colors for iPhone 3G &3Gs Review

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A few weeks ago Dan and I took a look at two new cases for the iPhone 3G & 3Gs from Otterbox.

The Commuter and the Commuter TL both offer Otterbox’s tremendous quality in a slimmer, less bulky manner than Otterbox’s most famous case, the Defender.

When the cases first launched they were both available in only black with the promise of various color options to come.

Fast forward to today and the color pack add-on backs for the Commuter and the colored Commuter TL cases are now shipping.

The Commuter case is available two ways.

As we reviewed it, black only for $34.95.

Or you can add a little color and go for a Commuter Color Pack.  For $49.95 you get the black Commuter case along with two additional colored backs.  This allows you to change up the overall look of the case by keeping the black silicone layer on but switching the colored plastic shell.

Choices include:

#1  – Black, Maroon & Gray

Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 12.44.25 PM

#2 – Black, Blue & Yellow

Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 12.43.15 PM

#3 – Black, White and Green

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The color packs allow you to change up your phone’s look at any given time.  It’s like getting three cases for the price of one.

Otterbox was kind enough to give me a Green, White and Black Color pack to try out.

The case starts out conservatively black


The white hard plastic back and black silicone skin is my favorite combination.  The look reminds me of a Storm Trooper from Star Wars.


But when I want to really shake things up I can remove the white back and swap it with the green for a bright, vibrant look.


The Commuter TL Case, which started out available in only black now comes in a choice of 7 color variations. Each case sell for $29.95

These include Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White and Yellow.


I had a chance to review the black version when it was first released and I liked the look of it.


But the white version just fits my white iPhone 3Gs better.


And once again I can slip into a little yellow if  I want get loud.


Both cases are made with the same quality and care that goes into all of Otterbox’s other cases.  These thinner, slimmer cases don’t offer the same maximum protection as the Defender does but do you always need that?  I don’t.  I see a happy medium where I use the Defender for work and the Commuter Series for play.

This way I can enjoy Otterbox’s awesome cases 24/7.

Check out both the Otterbox Commuter and the Commuter TL here.

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