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Larry talks a lot about the importance of device convergence. As we are packing for vacation, I am overwhelmed by the number of different chargers and cords I need to bring with me; he is more correct than I realized. In order to have the music and reading material I want during my five days in the sun. For example – to make sure my iPhone is fully usable, I’ll need the charge/sync cord, the wall adapter and my Mophie Juice Pack Air. Add to that the accessories I’ll need for my Kindle, my camera and my Bluetooth headphones, and suddenly my cables seem to have cables.

That’s where the new PowerPak Charger and Battery Combo comes in quite handy. The device makes a great point – since you need to bring a wall charger with you anyway, why not use one that also offers a bit of extra juice while you are on the go. It works great and the review/keeper unit is coming with me.


From The Company:


This ultimate universal charging solution combines a backup rechargeable battery pack with a rapid home charger. Providing the extra juice when you need it, the PowerPak will recharge your handheld device at the same time as it recharges itself via the wall outlet. If you’re a frequent or long talker who constantly runs out of battery in the middle of the conversation, the PowerPak was designed for you, providing up to 3 hours of extra talk time. For those who are eco conscious, this solution meets Energy Star requirements by drawing very minimal power from the wall outlet when no additional power is needed. The easy to read, LED indicator lights reveal the remaining capacity of the PowerPak battery reserve with the press of a button. Interchangeable tips included in the packaging provide compatibility for 95% of all handheld USB devices. The PowerPak is also compatible with any other USB cable that might have been provided with your wireless device.

PowerPak Wall Charger and Battery Combo5.png

In the Package:
• PowerPak™
• System USB Cable
• Micro USB (black) interchangeable tip for use with devices supporting a Mirco USB connector from Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Kyocera, Sanyo and Toshiba
• Micro USB (gray) interchangeable tip for use with devices supporting a Micro USB connector from BlackBerry and Palm
• Mini USB (black) interchangeable tip for use with devices supporting a Mini USB connector from Motorola and Nextel
• Mini USB (gray) interchangeable tip for use with devices supporting a mini USB connector from BlackBerry and HTC
• Samsung compatible 520-pin interchangeable tip
• Casio compatible interchangeable tip
• Sony Ericsson compatible interchangeable tip
• Pantech compatible interchangeable tip
• Nokia compatible 2mm barrel plug / DC jack interchangeable tip
• LG compatible 18-pin interchangeable tip
• Quick Start Guide

Not In The Package-
iPod/iPhone connectors
In fact, the site notes-
Note: The PowerPak™ is also compatible with other USB powered devices such as the iPod™ and iPhone™. Please be sure to use the original USB cable which shipped with those devices (not included).


The unit has a nice, small, compact size. It has a nice soft-touch feel. It feels quite sturdy.

PowerPak Wall Charger and Battery Combo 3.png

The outlet prongs fold in making it simple to throw in a bag and go.


The assortment of adapters that ship with the unit is, at first, overwhelming. At the same time, the inclusion of so many means that it will work with just about every small device imaginable. Every small device imaginable that is except an iPhone or iPod. Those adapters do not, however, include a cable for the iPhone or iPod. Weird.

PowerPak Wall Charger and Battery Combo 2.png

To use you simply insert the chosen adapter into the longer cord that is included and the entire cord into the wall adapter.

PowerPak Wall Charger and Battery Combo 1.png

From there you simply charge as normal. If, however, you are out and about you can use the 1000mA of battery charge that is contained within the device to get an extra boost of juice along the way.

At an MSRP of just $49.99 the PowerPak Wall Charger and Battery Combo is a good deal that lats you get an extra boost from an item that you would be carrying anyway. It can be ordered directly from Technocel.

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