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December 2, 2009 • Gaming, Reviews

iFarm for iPhone/Touch App Review

Attention Farmville and FarmTown fans!  Many of us spend way too much time on Facebook.  If much of that time is spent on one of these farm simulation games, do I have an app for you!  This summer I did fall into the Farm Town trap and spent (wasted) a lot of time harvesting and planting crops in hopes to buy more stuff and a larger piece of land.  Yes, there is no point, but for some reason it is extremely addicting.  So, how about taking this addicting waste of time mobile!?! iFarm will give you the chance!

From the developer:

Hiya, lookin’ for the simple life? Now’s your chance to live off the land.

Pick up a plow and plant some seeds in this simple yet addicting farming game. Design your farm the way you want and deck it out with scarecrows, grain silos, windmills, and much more!

So – are YOU ready to get up with the chickens and make hay while the sun shines?

The game begins with four plots of land plowed and ready to reap the fruits of your labor.  Just like the Facebook games, you purchase seeds and plant them.  Once the crop is ready, it is harvested for gold, then repeat.  Each crop cost a different amount to plant and gain different amounts of gold.  The growing times range from one hour to over 24 hours.

What farm is not complete without some decoration?  Once the gold starts coming in, decorations are available for purchase to place on your farm.  The decorations available are actually sort of odd.  There is the standard wind mill or water well, but also turds, golf holes and a mini stonehenge.  Some of the extras are bought with earned gold while others are purchased through play mesh points.  Both gold and play mesh points are purchasable with real money for those who are insanely addicted.

No action or graphic gameplay in iFarm but it will have you coming back every few hours to work the land.  I do not currently see the option to buy a larger plot of land which would be a nice addition.  There are also no animals or houses.  The game would be more fun if the simulation could be built to look like a farm rather than crops with statues and bizarre items.  This is a workable start for fans of farming simulation games and iFarm is FREE!!!!  Get it here in the app store.

What I like: Similar gameplay as the Facebook games but mobile.  Who doesn’t like to farm!

What could be improved: Take away some of the strange additions and add animals and buildings so the farm can actually look like a farm!  Also, the ability to purchase more land and expand the farm.

10 Responses to " iFarm for iPhone/Touch App Review "

  1. Jewelzz says:

    Haha, I got a good laugh out of being able to purchase turds…

    “There is the standard wind mill or water well, but also turds, golf holes and a mini stonehenge. “

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  4. Travis Ehrlich says:

    Not only can you purchase them, there is two sizes to choose from!!

  5. I may have to get this; I can admit to having also lost time on Farmtown /Farmville. 😛

  6. OK, so a quick question (I hope): There are five different versions of this, from free to $19.99. What are we missing if we get the free version? 🙂

  7. Travis Ehrlich says:

    The free version starts you out with the bare minimum. The paid versions start you out with more gold and play mesh points. I say go free and earn the dollars!

  8. Oh, OK! It’s like those cheesy Zynga deals/dollars. I’m with you, then. 🙂

  9. David says:

    Blue Plate Special: iFarm For iPhone/Touch | Gear Diary: This summer I did fall into the Farm Town trap and spe..

  10. roland417 says:

    pls add me at ifarm “roland417”

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