NFL Quarterback Challenge for iPhone OS Review


As a youngster I can remember watching various NFL quarterbacks compete in challenge events during the off season.  Often times the events took place in Hawaii or some other tropical paradise and I had dreams of being my favorite signal caller competing in the various challenge events.

The NFL and ProAppSports recently announced the immediate availability of NFL Quarterback Challenge game for the iPhone OS.  The game allows you to test your QB skills and accuracy as you navigate the QB of your favorite NFL team through a series of challenges just like those old TV specials.  NFL Quarterback Challenge will be joining a select few, officially licensed, NFL apps in the iTunes store.

I was given a review copy of the game and here are my thoughts.

The game loads with three choices.  You can begin a new game, (if you have a saved game the option to continue it will also be present) you can see your high scores or you can get help on how to play the game.


The help section teaches you how to throw the football.  To do so you pull back on the QB’s arm.  For long throws you pull from further up on the screen and you can change the direction of the ball’s flight path by moving your finger.


You’ll also see and explanation of the progress bar which tracks your status during each level.


The first step of the game is to select your favorite team.  The quarterback you control will be dressed in your team’s colors.  All the NFL teams are represented.  To select a team you use your finger to scroll to it and then toss the ball at the logo to pick it.


At the start of each challenge level there is a smaller warm up level to get you accustomed to the throwing motion.

In this level you must hit all four of the targets with a pass.


The game features 10 levels and you must unlock the previous level to continue to the next.


In level 2 you must hit a certain amount of moving targets under a certain amount of time.  Do so and you’ll unlock the next level.


In this challenge you toss the ball at a pyramid of cups trying to knock over as many as possible.


Not my best effort.  🙂


Level 3 features moving targets that resemble tire swings.  They sway back and forth and again the goal is to rack up more than the pre-determined number of points so you unlock the next level.


The higher the level the harder the challenge becomes.

Screen shot 2009-12-01 at 6.59.13 PM

The game features a good amount of challenges coupled with extra mini games thrown in that will keep you coming back for more.  The graphics are decent and game play itself is smooth.

If you visit the ProAPPSports web site here, you can enter their giveaway for a chance at a trip to the Pro Bowl.

You can download NFL Quarterback Challenge from the iTunes App Store by clicking here (link will open iTunes.)

M.S.R.P. – $2.99

What I like – fun, challenging, sports themed game.  Multiple levels.

What I don’t like – graphics aren’t the greatest I’ve seen.

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