LunaTik Touch Pen, the Evolution of the Stylus: Kickstart This!


The LunaTik Touch Pen is the second product from the team that brought us the very first Kickstarter project I backed- TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits for use with the iPod nano. That project was funded back in November of 2010 and was a home run for the company and for the “wear your iPod nano like a watch” market.

Project Title: LunaTik Touch Pen: The Evolution of the Stylus

Status: Funded

Closing Date for Funding: Friday, February 10, 2012

URL of the Project: Find it here.

From the Creatives:

HELLO AGAIN!: Thank you for checking out our LunaTik Touch Pen project. Ever since we launched the TikTok+LunaTik Watch Kits on Kickstarter last year we have been constantly asked when we were going to do another project. Well, we have been working on a variety of ideas which we plan to launch in the near future. One of the first ideas is a simple and obvious solution inspired by the way we work between the analog and digital worlds every day.

INSPIRATION: Paper and pen will never be replaced. However, more and more people are embracing their iPads and tablets to take notes and capture ideas in a new hybrid analog-digital workflow. These users continuously switch between paper and touch screen during the day. This means they require both a traditional ink pen and a digital stylus.

While both are great on their own we would prefer to have our everyday pen be compatible with iPads and tablets with a click of a button eliminating the need to carry both items. This was the inspiration for the LunaTik Touch Pen. The idea was born from a desire to integrate our pen of choice, the rollerball, with the digital stylus.

OBSESSIVE DESIGN: The Lunatik Alloy Touch Pen is manufactured from premium materials and features an aircraft grade aluminum barrel, a die cast clip that is hard coated with PVD plating, high grade silicone rubber grip as well as our patent-pending dual mode tip that allows you to seamlessly use the LunaTik Pen with any touch screen. Our custom engineered materials are designed to meet our demanding specifications for touch screen responsiveness and flow. And on paper, the Touch Pen uses precision Japanese rollerball components for a fluid inking experience.

We are also offering a LunaTik Plastic Touch Pen in a range of colors that are more expressive and less expensive in case you are always losing your pens like us. 🙂

With either the Alloy or Plastic Touch Pens, going from paper to screen is as natural and simple as clicking your pen like you always have. Once you have transitioned to the digital side you have endless ways to express yourself with the same pen through a wide range of note taking and creative apps. While we love multi-touch as much as anyone we believe that the stylus is an important tool for certain types of precision input that fingers were not designed for.


Who at Gear Diary Backed It: Dan backed it!

At What Level Did We Back: I backed at the $50 level. That translates to…

The MNML Collection. 1 LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen with silver anodized aluminum body and graphite metal clip. 1 LunaTik Plastic Touch Pen Arctic White and 1 LunaTik Plastic Touch Pen Pitch Black. US shipping included. Add $20 for international shipping.

Why We Backed It: There are two main reasons I backed this project. First, While I rarely use a stylus OR a traditional pen these days there are times when one, the other or both come in handy. The idea of being able to put the two together in a single sleek package seemed like a winning idea. Which leads to the second reasons I backed this. The MINIMAL Team are the ideal Kickstarter team. They have an amazing design aesthetic, take tremendous pride in their products and do an amazing job of communicating where they are in the process to those who back their projects. In short, they make great stuff and respect the people who believe in them enough to become backers.


How’s Communication From the Creatives Been?: Excellent… again. There have been ten updates along the way toward the product being finished. That’s a good number since it is enough to keep us informed without the updates starting to feel like spam. (We will see some projects that border on or cross into spam territory in the near future.

What Has the Experience Been: I like the MINIMAL Team’s approach and attitude and suspect I would back pretty much any item they were looking to Kickstarter to help jumpstart.

Would You Recommend this Kickstarter Project?: Absolutely! And I’m looking forward to reviewing the Touch Pen here on the site when they ship.

Did you back the LunaTik Touch Pen? If so let us know what you think so far… and when it is released!

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