Live Loud This Summer with the LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ 9 Bluetooth Speaker

LifeProof is known for their awesome smartphone cases and accessories that make sure your tech is not only protected in the rain but in virtually any other element. But did you know that the popular company makes Bluetooth Speakers as well? They sent us over their LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ 9 Speaker to review so let’s check it out.

Live Loud This Summer with the LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ 9 Bluetooth Speaker

The LifeProof Aquaphonics speakers come in three sizes, AQ 9, AQ10, and AQ 11, with the AQ 9 being the smallest of the three. All three speakers bring functionalities like onboard buttons, yet the AQ9 certainly holds its own in terms of functionality, on top of maximum portability. Just like its larger counterparts though, it does feature the same protection from the elements that you’d get from any LifeProof cases such as being waterproof, dirt-proof, snow proof and drop proof, which made it my favorite new beach bag accessory. Here are a few specs of the AQ8 Aquaphonics speaker by LifeProof:

  • Speaker Dimensions: 5.6″ x 3.2″ x 1.3″ / 142.24 mm x 81.28 mm x 33.02 mm
  • Weight: 8.96 oz / 254.01 g
  • Carabiner: Springs open and locks tight
  • Bluetooth Specs: BT 4.2 / Pairs with 8 devices
  • Bluetooth Distance: 30 feet / 9.144 meters
  • Speaker Audio Loudness: 80dB
  • Operational Depth: 3.28 feet / 1 meters underwater for 30 minutes
  • Drop Height: 3.937 feet / 1.2 meters

Live Loud This Summer with the LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ 9 Bluetooth Speaker

With a 16 hour battery life, the AQ 9 can make sure that day at the pool isn’t without your favorite tunes, and after testing it last weekend, we blew away a couple sitting near us with their own department store speaker that couldn’t match the sound quality that the AQ 9 by LifeProof could bring despite its size. Jess personally says that she was amazes that even though the speaker itself could fit in her purse and probably get lost, until I let her know that the copy must’ve thought the same because they including a built-in carabiner, making it easy to clip onto any bag, or even your favorite beach chair if you’d like. I’m personally looking forward to using the carabiner functionality when I get my bike in the next few weeks, as it not only seems durable but wide enough to hold on to the handlebars as well.

Live Loud This Summer with the LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ 9 Bluetooth Speaker

Ironically, on the bottom of the device, you get the function keys which are the typical play/pause button, a button to allow you to skip forward/backward, and two volume buttons. There’s an indicator light to the left of the Bluetooth button that allows you to seamlessly connect the speaker to your device as well.

Live Loud This Summer with the LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ 9 Bluetooth Speaker

What’s more, at the side of the AQ 9 there’s a toggle to lock or unlock the speaker that sits below the initial power button with four indicator lights that show the charge level of the speaker itself.

Like most speakers on the market, the AQ 9 has a built-in mic that allows you to take and answer calls from it. Just like when listening to your tunes, your calls come through crisp and clear which is nice, especially for a speaker of its size. While I haven’t tried it, the speaker itself can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to thirty minutes. I think this is great, although I would’ve preferred if the speaker itself could float. I’ve used speakers in the past that do this, and it would’ve been nice to see LifeProof make a speaker that could do the same.

Overall, I love the AQ 9 for its durability, the sound quality being simply amazing, and most importantly, I think the built-in carabiner make it a step above the competition in terms of usability, especially if you enjoy camping, hiking, or want to attach it to your bike, which you can’t do with most speakers.

Available at a modest price of $99, you can purchase the AQ 9 speaker directly from LifeProof by clicking here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Small slim profile: Price is in range with the competition; Drop protection and waterproof.

What Needs Improvement: Should be able to float

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