The Polaris Ranger EV Is Quiet Fun

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The Polaris Ranger EV Is Quiet Fun Listen to this article


My friend Steven showed up with his latest “toy” a couple of days ago — the a 2010 Polaris 4×4 Ranger EV. I’ve got a tricked out red 2009 Ranger XP 700 EFI (complete with CD player and Sirius Satellite radio, heh). Mine may beat his in a race, but his has a feature that leaves mine in the dust – it’s electric and nearly noiseless. I thought his buggy was neat enough that I should share.

The 2010 Polaris RANGER® EV Electric-Powered Side-By-Side is the leader of the electric mid-sized side by side class. This clean & quiet vehicle dominates the competition with its unmatched ride, 25 MPH (40.2 KPH) top speed, and 50-mile Range* — making it the perfect mid-sized electric side by side for farming, ranching, hunting, and recreational riding. Key features are:

  • 30 HP 48-Volt High-Efficiency AC-Inducted Electric Motor
  • Smooth Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
  • Mid-Sized Design – Fits In A Full-Size Pickup
  • Plug Recharge With Standard 110v AC Outlet

*Range will vary depending on temperature, grade, payload, and driving style.

Steven got the Mossy Oak Camo and a half wind-screen, which ware optional features.

Prices start at $10,700, which seems reasonable enough; but like anything else, the prices can go wayyyy up depending upon additional accessories and warranties. 😉

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