Alex Dual Screen Android-Based eReader Gets More Real

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Alex Dual Screen Android-Based eReader Gets More Real Listen to this article

Alex Dual Screen Android-Based eReader Gets More Real

Spring Design’s Alex Dual screen eReader is finally coming closer to a release.  This is probably the first eReader with a fully functional web browser with the exception of Flash since Android doesn’t have it yet.

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Alex™ features a 6″ E-Ink EPD display and 3.5″ color LCD display, earphones and speakers. A removable SD card will free up library space on the device while letting users archive content for future reference. The enhanced Android OS is optimized to support integration between the color and monochrome displays while preserving battery life. Users can capture and cache web content from their online experience on the LCD screen, and toggle to view it on the EPD screen without taxing the battery life. Browser features such as bookmarking, history, and security settings are built in and the device, with full Android browsing capability, is mobile-enabled with smart phone capabilities.

The release data is February 22, 2010 and the MSRP will be $399.  For more on the Alex head over to Spring Design.

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