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Ingress for iOS Released: 10 Things New Players Should Know

Google’s popular multi-player online game Ingress was finally released this weekend for iOS. The game began as a beta on November 15, 2012, and until now it had been limited to Android smartphones. Ingress is basically an electronic game of capture the flag (aka portals)  between two sides (aka factions) – Enlightened (green) and Resistance (blue).

Make Awesome Slideshows and Movies with FotoMagico 4

If you want to bring your pictures and videos to life, but you don’t want to got to school to learn how to create a presentation that doesn’t look like a five year old did it, then you’ll want to check out FotoMagico 4. At $99 the application is pricey, but the ease-of-use and output results are amazing.

How To Fix a Surface RT Touch Cover That Won’t Type

I have a Surface RT, and I recently snapped up a Touch Cover for it when I saw a great deal. It arrived last night, and I was all excited… except that it didn’t work. Well, mouse and volume were responsive but nothing else. I was all set to do a return, until a post at WPCentral solved my problem!

First Things First – What to Do After Updating to iOS 7

Installing a new operating system to your iPhone or iPad almost feels like getting a new phone.  It looks completely different and has a bunch of cool new features.  An upgraded operating system can breathe life into an older phone.  iOS 7 is treating me very well so far, but there are a few things I recommend doing first. Turn…

Swipe Up for Control, Swipe Down for Search in iOS 7

When iOS 7 ships next month, it will include quick access to key controls, search and information. You’ll be able to swipe up to Access Control Center, and swipe down from the top to access the Notification Center. But if you place a finger anywhere on the Home Screen and pull down, you’ll start a Spotlight search. The first two…

Features You Will Love or Hate in iOS 7

Although there has been no official announcement, Apple will likely release iOS 7, the next generation of their mobile operating system, next month. It is the biggest overhaul to the OS since its introduction, and while visual differences will draw most of the attention the changes that are less apparent are the ones people will truly love… Or hate. I’ve…

How To Customize Your Pebble Watchface

Pebble has been in the news the past few days since they have signed a deal to be sold in Best Buy retail stores. The once almost impossible to obtain smart watch will be available to everyone. Early reviews of the product were mixed at best. I think people were underwhelmed by the functionality of the $150 watch. Basically, out…

How To Replace an iPhone 4S Battery

Carly was having huge battery issues with her iPhone 4S. It would run down in a matter of hours and, as a result, it was pretty much useless. That’s when she went out and picked up her Nokia Lumia 928. (Read her first impressions.) I asked Carly what she planned to do with the almost-non-functional iPhone now that she had…