Now In A Convenient App for iPhone Now In A Convenient App for iPhone

I admit it – I can be cheap sometimes. As such, I’ve used for years to compare prices on things – especially technology-based products.  Now it seems that it’s made its way directly to the iPhone in the form of the PriceGrabber App for iPhone.

The folks at PriceGrabber recognized that many people now use their cell phone as a resource to access the web, researching pricing and other information about products they may be interested in.

So now with this new application you have access to the information on with a nice application front-end.   You can see pricing comparisons, reviews, and even click through to purchase products from online retailer’s sites. has information from over 10,000 merchants now representing 30 million products.   The PriceGrabber app should make it easier than ever to sift through that data where and when you need it most.   Cool!

The PriceGrabber app is available for free from the AppStore.

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