Review: Griffin Elevator

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Review:  Griffin Elevator

Surviving marathon sessions working on your computer is all about comfort.  Putting yourself in the proper viewing and reaching position goes along way towards keeping your body feeling good. Ergonomics!

According to Griffin Technology,, the premier source for office ergonomics, recommends positioning the top of your screen level with your eyes and sitting at least an arm’s length distance from the screen. Both of these key ergonomic standards are made possible using The Griffin Elevator with an external keyboard.

The Griffin Elevator comes neatly packaged.  There isn’t much too the stand itself.

Review:  Griffin Elevator

Two long, brushed metal C brackets fit tightly into a clear plastic molded base.

Review:  Griffin Elevator

Once the brackets are in place you snap on two plastic clips, one at each end which prevent your computer from sliding off the front of the stand in the unlikely event that it moves off the stand.

Review:  Griffin Elevator

The metal brackets have rubber strips along both the top and bottom.  The serves to both cushion your computer when it’s resting on the Elevator as well as prevent it from slipping.  Same holds true for the bottom of the brackets.  The rubber keeps the stand in once place and creates a safer barrier between the metal of the stand and your work station.

The Elevator servers three important purposes.  One, it elevates your laptop’s  screen 5.5″ while providing valuable desktop real estate for your keyboard and mouse.  I used the Bluetooth keyboard from my iMac and my Magic Mouse to easily create an almost desktop like experience.

Review:  Griffin Elevator

Two, it keeps your laptop cool with 360 degrees of air circulation.  Let’s face it laptops can get hot.  Keeping them cool keeps them happy.  When they are happy not only do they perform better, they last long.  The Elevator  keeps your laptop at the proper elevated height allowing air to freely flow underneath and through the bottom. This ensures your laptop remains cool during very long work sessions.

Review:  Griffin Elevator

Finally, the elevator works with all models of laptop computers both Mac and PC. There is no size limit or requirement,  no measuring or sizing simply order the elevator and it will fit.

If you find yourself tired, sore, and tired often it might just be as a result of the position you keep your laptop and. Same goes for your eyes if your eyes are often tired or you’re suffering from headaches more often than you’d like perhaps some of these symptoms may be associated with improper positioning of your laptop. The elevator from Griffin seeks to rid you of these annoying and sometimes troublesome pains.

The elevator from Griffin sells for $39.99 and is available directly from the Griffin website by clicking here.

M. R. S. P. – $39.99

What I like: elevates your laptop to the proper viewing angle, keeps your laptop cool during long work session, easy to assemble, accommodates all laptops.

What I don’t like: design looks like it’s meant for Apple products and may not fit as well with Windows notebooks.

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