Artisan Revere Chef Knife Slices Through Their Kickstarter Goal

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Artisan Revere Chef Knife Slices Through Their Kickstarter Goal Listen to this article

Have you ever heard of Super Steel? Well, me either, but supposedly it makes for amazing kitchen knives! Artisan Revere has crafted a chef knife using Elmax Super Steel that was designed and manufactured in the USA and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The Artisan Revere Chef Knife has already surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal!

Artisan Revere Chef Knife Slices Through Their Kickstarter Goal

Artisan Revere’s Kickstarter campaign is off to the races, having raised over $37,000 as of this publication, within 2 days of its launch. The knives were crafted after founder Dave Olkovestsky tried to find the perfect chef’s knife but came up empty handed. Dave had been a steel investor, so he wondered why typical chef’s knives were made with low-quality steel, even the expensive ones. After collaborating with chefs, bladesmiths, artisans, and metallurgists, Dave realized that Elmax Super Steel was the answer to crafting an amazing chef’s knife.

Check out this video where Artisan Revere gives you a look into how they craft their knives:


Elmax Super Steel is wear-resistant and chip-resistant, which means it will stay sharp much longer than the standard kitchen knife. It’s normally reserved for industrial use due to its high-performing properties but apparently it makes a thin, ultra-strong, and super sharp knife!  The cutting edge is extremely thin at 0.010″ which reduces the amount of force required to cut with it.

Artisan Revere Chef Knife Slices Through Their Kickstarter Goal

The Artisan Revere Chef Knife is 8.6” long, which is longer than most other chef’s knives from other popular brands, including Shun, Wusthof, Misen, and Global. Artisan Revere concentrated on making their chef’s knife the best in class in the following categories: cutting ability, edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, balance, and ergonomics. The handle was designed for a perfect grip and it features ergonomic contouring to encourage a pinch grip that allows for more precise cuts.

Artisan Revere Chef Knife Slices Through Their Kickstarter Goal

Just from checking out the details, I’m excited about this knife. It appears to be a game changer in the kitchen. Check out Artisan Revere’s Kickstarter campaign for a full rundown of all of Artisan Revere’s features. And stay tuned to as we hope to bring you a full review in the future.

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