Quirky Cable Caps

Quirky Cable Caps

Quirky, who use a community-driven process to determine which products to bring to market, and brings many products to market very quickly, have released their latest effort – Quirky Cable Caps.

These caps, in 6 different styles, are designed to protect the (male) ends of USB cables and wrap up any excess cable as well.  They each have a wild-looking head which slides over the cable end, and a rubber band type of body used to tie up the excess cable.

The six styles available are: Printer Man, Phone Dude, Camera Gal, Eye Baller, Egg Man, and ‘Da Bulb.  They are sold in sets of 3 for $7.99 per set.

Quirky Cable Caps are available for pre-order at the Quirky Online store now.  Now, personally, I rarely have any free USB cables that would need capping, but I sure do like their community-based approach to product development and if you have a few minutes you might find it interesting to just take a look at the Quirky website and see how it all works and see the other interesting products they offer!

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