Pong radiation reducing case for iPhone Review

Pong radiation reducing case for iPhone Review

Are you concerned about cell phone radiation? Radiation is a form of energy. Your cell phones antenna emits powerful radiation in order to send and receive signals to and from its wireless network. According to researchers the problem with this is some of this energy radiates from the antenna into your head.

Sound scary? You might want to check out the Pong radiation at reducing cell phone case for the iPhone.

While at CES 2010 I met with the makers of Pong, and they presented me with one of their cases for review.

Here are my thoughts …

Without a Pong case on your phone radiation from your device is emitted in all directions both towards the outside and with your head.The Pong case contains a unique chimney design which filters the radiation that your cell phone emits up towards the top and out into the air.

Pong radiation reducing case for iPhone Review

The case itself comes in two colors. Black or green. It’s made from a lightweight silicone. The silicone feels very good.  It’s thick and doesn’t feel as though it’ll stretch out over time.

I was given a green version of the Pong for review.

Pong radiation reducing case for iPhone Review

The case fits well and allows for full access to all of your phone’s ports and buttons.  The silicone is nice and thick and provides for a very cushy feel in the hand.  It’s also thick enough so it shouldn’t stretch out and become loose (a common issue with silicone cases of this type.)

Pong radiation reducing case for iPhone Review

The back of the case features a textured pattern which provides extra grip.  The Pong logo is predominately displayed on the bottom of the case.  Normally I’m not a fan of this sort of logo placement.  But in this case I don’t mind it.  The white logo goes well with the green color of the case.  It just fits.

Pong radiation reducing case for iPhone Review

Pong claims that their case not only protects you from harmful radiation but may even improve perception your device receives.  Better reception also could lead to better battery life. When your iPhone is searching for signal it uses more battery then when it maintains a full signal.

Pong radiation reducing case for iPhone Review

Does it work? Research on the Pong website says yes. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t really say for sure but the bottom line is this. Protection like this certainly can’t hurt anything, the case feels good in the hand, I like the stylish green color, and it’s fully functional.

Just this week Pong announced the availability of their case for the Blackberry Curve as well.

The Pong case sells for $59.95 and is available directly from Pong by clicking here.

M.S.R.P. – $59.95

What I like — Claims to offer protection from cell phone’s harmful radiation; comes in multiple colors; said to increase reception.

What I don’t like — I’m not really sure if it’s 100% necessary.

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