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January 23, 2010 • Reviews

Eveningstar For iPhone/Touch Review

Divine Robot has recently released a new scrolling shooter called “Eveningstar.”  The game is a sci-fi shoot ’em up packed full of action and enemies.  The game includes nine exciting levels, each of which require different skills and puzzle solving skills.  Check out the video trailer here then read the review after the break.

Eveningstar utilizes a unique method of controls.  The ship is moved around the screen by touching and swiping.  The control is relative so no matter where the screen is touched, the ship will move according to the current position.  While unique and effective, the controls did take a few minutes to get used to.  What I learned to do is not move my finger too far.  The ship is quite responsive and I kept moving my finger too far causing a loss of vision.  Once I figured out where was most comfortable for me, the controls were intuitive and easy to use.  That is what is great about the controls, each user can find their preferred method.  The fire button is located on the side of the screen and can be set for either right or left handed use.  Tactile feedback adds to the experience as the phone feels shots taken to the ship.

Graphics and sound are great in the game.  Very detailed worlds gives the game a true console feel.  All of the enemies are detailed and the explosions are great.  Both the sound and graphics enhance the gaming experience.  Levels are built well, with a great mixture of enemies and bosses and some puzzle solving requirements.

The name “Eveningstar” refers to the special weapon used with the ship.  A blue glowing orb surrounds the ship.  This weapon does not shoot away.  Using the physics of the ship, the Eveningstar is used to swing around the ship.  It can be used to fight enemies but will also be used to flip levers and break down barriers to open pathways.  The weapon is motion sensitive, so the movement of the ship not only decides direction, but also speed.  Imagine the Eveningstar being connected to the ship by an elastic cord.  The weapon physics is unique and utilized really well in the game.  The ship also fires rockets which are upgradeable through power-ups in each level.

Eveningstar is a beautiful, polished scrolling shooter.  Excellent graphics and sound mixed with innovative controls and tactile weapons create a must try iPhone gaming experience.  Check out Eveningstar here in the app store for $1.99.

What I like: Unique controls and really good graphics.

What could use improvement: I have not found anything yet.  Great game.

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