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April 29, 2011 • Reviews

Einstein’s Pedometer Gets Tested By Gear Diary!

(image courtesy Cartoonstock)

I majored in philosophy in college, and my high school physics class trip to Great Adventure could be summed up as “WHEEEEEEEEEE” rather than “So that’s how Newton’s 2nd Law of Gravity works on ‘Scream Machine.'” So while I understand that Einstein’s theory of relativity involves time, and that if you launched into space at the speed of light and came back you’d be less old than if you stayed on Earth, I can’t tell you why. Or whether you get the same benefit going 80 instead of 65 on the highway.

However, like all things in life there’s an iPhone app for that! Since I don’t have an iPhone, Gear Diary’s own Dan Cohen agreed to be the relativity guinea pig, and he put the app to the test while he ran (but not at the speed of light). How did it go for him? Well, you’ll have to watch his video below to find out!

Now, we know how Dan did…but what if we slapped an iPhone running this app on Usain Bolt?!

App found via Runner’s World Daily

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