Review: Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack w/Gaming Console Sleeve

Everki recently supplied me with the Beacon Laptop Backpack w/Gaming Console Sleeve to review. Since school started back up, I have spent the past few weeks using it as my main gear bag.  I am pleased with the style and ruggedness of the backpack with daily use; I am able to comfortably carry all of my gear and it is comfortable and looks great.

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The number one issue when choosing a laptop backpack is computer protection.  The Beacon is roomy and will hold up to an 18″ laptop in an ultra-padded compartment.  The inside of the compartment is lined with a super soft orange material that allows the laptop to slide in and out while not scratching.  The compartment has its own zipper keeping the computer secure and safe while using the rest of the backpack.  (This might also prevent a laptop from falling out of the bag in a taxi … Dan!)  I am storing my 13″ MacBook Pro and despite the large capacity, the computer fits snug and safely in the compartment.

I have not used the console gaming sleeve, but it would provide a great solution to hauling an XBox or PS3 to a friends house for some serious gaming.  The padded sleeve will nicely fit the console and fits perfectly in the main compartment without effecting the ability to carry a laptop.  A true mobile geek rig!

Along with great laptop protection and super comfort, the Beacon Backpack is full of added features.  As seen in the above pic, the bag has many pockets and plenty of room to store a ton of gear.  Having the laptop storage in a separate zipper compartment leaves room for a full size backpack.  The inside pockets maximize the space and allow for customized storage.

The outside of the Beacon is also feature packed.  I like the two rugged handles.  Picking up the backpack is super easy and no matter the weight will hold up.  There are also two buckles on the front.  When the buckles are tight, the main bag will open enough to use, but not lose any of the contents while upright.  Slip the buckles off and the front completely opens for easy loading and access.  The bottom of the backpack even contains a compartment that holds a rain cover.  Simply pull it out and pull the fitted cover over the backpack in the event of rain for complete protection.

If all of this space is not enough or you have gear that needs easy access, the hip pockets on each side are perfect.  These pockets are designed to provide quick access to gear without taking off the backpack.  My headphones and iPhone batteries are kept in these and are always available.

The Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack has performed well in my tests.  It is light, stylish and extremely rugged.  I really love the separate laptop compartment and safe storage for my MacBook Pro.  To read more about the backpack and Everki’s other products go visit their website.  The backpack is available at Amazon for $129.99.  I have also reviewed the Camber Netbook Case which my wife loves to use with her netbook.

What I like: Comfortable and rugged while packed with features.

What could use improvement: I would love to see color options.

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