Everki Camber Netbook Case Review

We recently released the introduction of the Camber Netbook Case-Sling from Everki (you can read the release here).  Everki was kind enough to supply a Camber for me to review.  This new case is super compact fitting netbooks up to 13″.  The product is slightly too small to hold a 13″ MacBook Pro (they actually are 13.3″), but a version to accommodate the macbook is in the works for 2010.  As the computing devices we use get smaller, so do the ways we carry them.  See how the Camber stacks up after the break.

My first messenger style bag seems ridiculously large and heavy; it is actually too large for today’s netbooks and gear.  Netbook owners obviously use the small machines for portability and weight, so shouldn’t their methods of carrying them follow the same guidelines?!?

Lets take a look at the Camber.

The Camber offers easy carrying and hard-shell EVA protection for fragile netbooks, ultra-portables, or ultrathin laptops up to 13”.  Inside the EVA shell, you will find a memory foam padded back panel and plenty of room for power adapter and accessories.

The Camber’s clever ‘incline’ design allows the outer EVA shell to double as a convenient travel desk or lap stand for a vastly improved typing position.  No more cramped hands from typing on a tiny keyboard.

On its back, the Camber employs a clever quad-surface dual Velcro interface strap system, for quick changes between sling and briefcase carrying, or even removal for stowing inside another bag.

As with all Everki products, the Camber is backed by Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and world-class customer service.

First impression of the case is how small and compact it is.  This is perfect for travel or bringing a netbook to a meeting or coffee shop.  The Camber is very light and rugged feeling.  The EVA shell provides extra protection without adding weight or bulk to the case.

The shape of the case is quite clever.  The incline design serves several purposes.  The inside of the case mimics the shape which allows more room to carry extra items with the netbook.  Since the outside is an EVA shell, the complete space is available.  I was pleasantly surprised on the amount of gear that can fit into this tiny case.  The incline also serves as a desk or lap stand which will set the laptop at a better a more comfortable angle when typing.  I am typing this review using the Camber as a lap stand and the angle is much more comfortable.

The quad-surface dual Velcro interface strap system is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” technologies.  The system actually saves a lot of space and makes it customizable to your needs or likes.  Only one strap is included that has a four way Velcro end.  The flat side of the case has two rows of straps which will hold the carry strap.  To use the case as a shoulder sling (as seen above) push the Velcro ends through the loops and lock it in.  In about 30 seconds the Camber became a shoulder sling ready to go.  Some might like a brief case handle.  All that has to be changed is pulling the straps through both rows of loops and locking it in.  Now a small carrying handle has you ready for the next meeting.  Maybe you want to carry the case in a suitcase or other bag.  Simply pop off the strap and pack it away.  I really love the customization possibilities this system brings and look forward to seeing it utilized in more of Everki’s products.

The inside of the case carries more gear than you will think.  I borrowed a friends netbook which fit perfectly and was able to pack the power cord an external hard drive and had plenty of room for another drive or gear.  The materials inside are soft and scratch resistant.  You will find it to be just enough space to be minimal yet carry all you need without having much weight.

The Everki Camber is a great case solution for any netbook owner.  The customizable strap system as well as great protection and lots of room make it perfect for daily travel, meetings or flights.

The Camber is affordable at $49.99.  I cannot wait until the version for the MacBook Pro comes out.  You can find it as well as their many other cases at the Everki website.

What I like: The Camber is rugged, attractive and customizable.  All of this while staying light and holding a lot of gear.

What could be improved: I would like to see a nicer material on the strap to make it more comfortable.

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