Cogs for iPhone/Touch

Cogs for iPhone/Touch

It is crazy how different my gaming habits are than they were ten years ago.  I was once a heavy console gamer, staying up late to finish levels or a game and searching for tips in magazines and websites.  These changes are probably due to age, available time or becoming a parent or combination of the three.  At any rate, my gaming habits has gone from shoot ’em up action packed games to more slower paced “smart” games.  Especially puzzle games.  Larry introduced this game to Dan who in turn sent me an IM that read, “Get Cogs.”  That is a pretty serious instruction coming from Dan!

Cogs is a 3D puzzle game in which solving the puzzles build or operate complex machines.  The game is beautiful and “smart” and will have you thinking analytically all the way through.  Read the complete review and find out one major flaw with the game after the break.

Each level of Cogs challenges the player to solve a puzzle that will animate or complete an old style complex machine.  The styling has a steam punk feel and actually reminded me of the Da Vinci theme that was found on older Windows machines.  The levels use a series of gears or pipes to carry steam in both two and three-dimensional puzzles.

Cogs for iPhone/Touch

To solve the puzzles, gears or pipes are moved on tiles.  When a gear touches the starting point it will turn.  The gears must be aligned to create a chain and complete the machine.  This could be to ring bells, turn wheels or a variety of different tasks.  The three-dimensional puzzles will require the gears to align to each side of the machine.  Simply use two fingers to rotate the puzzle and look at all of the angles.  Moving pipes to carry steam works the same as the gears, but the pipe cannot be rotated so careful planning must align them to correctly carry the steam to the goal.

Cogs for iPhone/Touch

Choose from three modes of play:

Inventor Mode:  Solve each puzzle to spin the wheels, pop the balloon, ring the bell and a variety of other tasks.  Time and number of moves are unlimited but keep in mind that fewer moves and a faster time will bring a better ranking.

Time Challenge Mode:  Once a puzzle is solved, this mode is opened.  Now each puzzle must be solved, but it must be done under thirty seconds.  Luckily the puzzles will require fewer moves.

Move Challenge Mode:  In this mode, the time has been taken out and each puzzle must be solved within ten moves.  Take your time here and plan ahead.

Cogs for iPhone/Touch

This game is extremely well designed and addictive.  Each puzzle seems carefully crafted and will provide the player with a new set of challenges.  I love the old school, steam punk theme and sounds.  I found myself giving the “one more level” when I downloaded it the other night.  So what is the big negative?  Ten levels comes standard with the game.  When those levels are finished, players are offered to buy more levels.  The included levels are not terribly difficult and I truly found the game to be way too short.  I felt like the in-app purchase system was a trick and it disappointed me.  Either make a complete game and charge the full amount or make the first ten levels free with the option to purchase the complete game later.  Despite the bad taste in my mouth this left, I still felt the game was good enough to earn this week’s Blue Plate.

Check out the first ten levels here in the app store for $.99.

Cogs for iPhone/Touch

What I like: Great graphics and atmosphere with imaginative and unique puzzles.

What could use improvement: The original purchased game is too short.  Either offer the full game for one purchase or the initial levels free.

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  1. Kind of a “steampunk meets myst” sort of feel?

  2. Travis Ehrlich | February 24, 2010 at 1:57 pm |

    That is a good comparison.

  3. I really really like this game but I have to say, the in-app purchases every ten puzzles is starting to bother the crap out of me. And it isn’t just with this game. I’m starting to get really annoyed with the constant grab at another $.99 in so many apps. PLEASE let me pay a bit more and just get the full app/game etc…

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