Titanfall Game Preview Video

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TitanfallLogoThe sci-fi, first-person shooter (FPS) game Titanfall is one of several highly anticipated Xbox ONE games releasing next year, and it will mark game developer Respawn Entertainment’s first game release. The studio’s founders,Vincent Zampella and Jason West, previously developed the highly popular Call of Duty game series. Respawn is slowly releasing more details about Titanfall and Electronic Arts will be publishing this game, which will also release on Xbox 360 and PC.

The action packed preview video features footsoldiers/pilots and mechs/titans. Titanfall will have single player and multiplayer game modes and include team-based objectives. The impressive physics and action include some interesting properties involving magnetics while the nimble movements work well with the FPS format to create exciting scenarios. The footsoldiers/pilots can make parkour-like moves, go airborne using special packs and enter the mechs/titans, which show impressive firepower. Titanfall won over 60 E3 Awards and received a record-breaking six E3 Game Critics Awards, including Best of Show.

Titanfall is currently set to drop in Spring 2014. How do you think what you see will form into the final story?

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