Word Warp Xtreme for iPhone/Touch App Review

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Word Warp Xtreme for iPhone/Touch App Review

My addiction to word games is still growing at a dangerous rate.  Forming words seems to have become one of my favorite past times!  I am not sure if my vocabulary has improved or if my ability to apply spelling rules has improved, but I am improving on a number of word puzzle games.  Several weeks ago I reviewed Word Warp Free for the Blue Plate Special.  I enjoyed the game and continued playing until I found Word Warp Xtreme which is the sequel to Word Warp Free.  Find out what new features are included after the break.

Just like the first version, Word Warp Xtreme is a game where words are spelled from a bank of letters.  Each possible word is included as blanks at the top of the board.  Points are awarded for each word spelled but the largest word must be spelled before moving to the next level.  I recommend working on the large word first to advance the level, then spelling as many smaller words as possible quickly.

Word Warp Xtreme for iPhone/Touch App Review

Word Warp Xtreme adds bigger puzzles and multiple gameplay modes.  The larger words are now both six and seven letter words creating a bigger challenge to advance to the next level.  Version two also includes multiple game modes.  This is where the strength of the game is.

Tap the green Play button in the middle to play basically the original version of the game with six letter words.

The play button with the skeleton includes seven letter words and a shorter time limit.  This mode is really challenging!

Word Warp Xtreme for iPhone/Touch App Review

Xtreme mode is a totally new gameplay.  Each level has a series of six or seven letter jumbled words.  Each word must be unscrambled before time runs out.  To keep you moving, each letter will slowly be revealed.

Word Warp Xtreme for iPhone/Touch App Review

Head 2 Head mode has proven to be enjoyable for my wife and I.  Play the standard game against another iPhone via Bluetooth.  Once the phones are paired the game is started.  When a player finds a word, it is unavailable making finding the words a race.  Each player can see the scores as the time clicks away.  You will be amazed how often a player sends a word seconds before their opponent.

Word Warp Xtreme for iPhone/Touch App Review

Play-N-Pass mode allows two people to compete when only one iPhone is available.  Each player plays the standard game one at a time.  After the first player finishes, an identical game is played by the second player.  Scores and which words were played are displayed after each game.  Another great way to compete with your friends.

Word Warp Xtreme for iPhone/Touch App Review

Word Warp Xtreme has really improved over the original with longer puzzles and new game modes.  The two player modes are quite enjoyable.  My only complaint are some obscure words.  Luckily most of the advancing words are words most people know.  The game comes free with the ability to buy an ad free version as an in-game addition for $1.99.  Check out Word Warp Xtreme her in the app store for FREE.

What I like: New game modes and great two player options.

What could be improved: Some of the words are obscure.

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