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I usually need several types of productivity and reminder applications. Tasks need either alarms or some sort of agenda view or I won’t remember them, but they need to have a date. Floating tasks tend to be forgotten and languish on my lists for days or weeks. To combat this, I’ve usually relied on the old “email it to myself” trick. I also leave myself voice mails and even use old-fashioned sticky notes. It looks like I may have found a high-tech solution to my issues; is it more effective than my various low-tech strategies? Read on to find out!

StatusNote is a ridiculously simple application. It’s one of those apps that seems so minor, but when you think about it you wonder how no one thought of it sooner. Android has the notification bar, which is awesome all by itself; Status Notes just drops a note in the notification bar, so when you pull it down to view emails, missed calls, texts, etc., there’s your note, constantly mocking you to complete it. It’s the ultimate floating reminder! You can set different icons, and include small notes to yourself. The notes field is not very big, so it’s not good for more than a few basic bits, but it helps with the details.

When I say StatusNote is simple, I mean really simple. There’s not much to it beyond what you see in your notification bar. There are no alarms, no categories, and the free version only allows you one note at a time. StatusNote paid version lets you have multiple notes, but the more notes (and icons) you have, the more crowded your dropdown becomes. It isn’t that big of a deal with one or two notes, but more than two and it starts to get cramped, with icons being pushed offscreen.

This app isn’t going to replace your main to-do manager or function as a replacement for your more substantive notes. On the other hand, since I started using it I stopped leaving myself voicemails in the office and emails at home; I just leave whatever the message was as a StatusNote, and it follows me everywhere until it gets done. So far it’s been great, and I’ve been (slightly) better about my terrible procrastinating!

What I Like: Very simple and stable reminder program; Lots of icon choices for visual categorization

What Needs Improvement: All note details get compressed down to one line; No alarms or secondary reminders

StatusNote (Free) can be found by scanning this QR code:

StatusNote (Paid) costs $1.49 and can be found through this QR code:

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