It’s Friday, Why Not Win Some Free Money with This App?

You know the saying “the best things in life are free?” Well imagine if that was true about money itself. Well not only is it Friday but it’s your LUCKY DAY.

Lucky Day, designed by Joshua Javaheri, is a mobile app that gives a user three chances per day to win themselves FREE MONEY. Most casino-like apps in the app store cost money just to use, so why not try an app that does the giving?

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According to the App’s description in the App Store:

“Thousands of people are winning free money every day on Lucky Day. What are you waiting for? Lucky Day is a free app where you can win real money playing our slots, scratcher, and lotto games.”

Also available for Android users, Lucky Day gives it’s players the options of winning free cash by playing some well-known games, such as slots, lottery, or scratchers that you’d see in stores.

The money that you win can either be deposited in your Paypal (so you know it’s not some scam attempting to get your banking information), or, if you’re a generous person, you can donate it to charity. What do you have to lose right?

A little background on the app. Joshua founded Lucky Day with $30,000 out of his own pocket in addition to a $500,000 investment from the House of Bijan, which after Googling, I found out is a well-known designer fragrance in Beverly Hills. There are some big names that love the app too, including international soccer player Ronaldinho.

So why not start off your Friday with three opportunities to win FREE Money? Download the Lucky Day app in the App Store today.

(Google play link)

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