The Daily Show On GizmoGate… A Few Days Late

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The Daily Show On GizmoGate... A Few Days Late Listen to this article

Yes Jon Stewart and the Daily Show have taken on the plight of poor Jason Chen and the folks at Gizmodo.

The bit had a few good chuckles… like when Jon said, “The cops had to bash in the guy’s door??? Don’t they know there’s an app for that?”

And with that they showed this image..


But from there Stewart went on to take on Apple and the “raids” commenting “This whole thing is out of control”. And with that he went into a first person diatribe about Apple becoming “The Man”. He even showed a clip of the commercial introducing the iMac and then said, “It wasn’t supposed to be that way”.

Look Jon, you have a point…

Apple is not warm and fuzzy. They haven’t been in a long, long time.

And they aren’t counter-culture any longer. No, they ARE the culture.

And Apple isn’t loose and hip. Nope, they are tightly wound, paranoid control-freaks.

They have a boatload of cash, no debt, and a desire to reshape technology and the way we interact with it. Oh, what? They’ve ALREADY done that? Never mind.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Yes they do make great stuff. But they aren’t the company that people once loved and admired. They are big business and getting bigger every day. WE KNOW THAT, but their stuff is still freaking awesome.

So Jon, you didn’t say anything we don’t already know about Apple… but you did overlook one tiny thing… the law may well have been broken… and not by Apple. So if you are going to start bashing why not make sure who did what wrong… first. And on that count nobody seems to know exactly what lines were crossed or laws may have been broken… yet. Or better yet, stick with something simple and clear-cut… like Healthcare Reform. 🙂

Oh, and one other good line from the bit….

“Fact is if you want to break down somebody’s door why don’t you start with AT&T for God’s sake. They make your amazing phone unusable… (long Jon Stewart-esque pause…) as a phone…”

Good one, Jon.

It is worth a watch over on

via 9to5Mac

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