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May 3, 2010 • Reviews

Speck CandyShell for Apple iPad – Review


The good folks at Speck are rolling out a multitude of ways for you to protect your iPad in style. The latest Speck case I’ve had a chance to try out is the Speck CandyShell for iPad. The CandyShell retails for $49.95 and offers… “Hard Shell. Soft Center. Looks Sweet.”

Let’s take a look…


From Speck…

Our award-winning CandyShell just got bigger! This iPad case has a thin, hard-shell coating with soft rubbery interior lining, bezel, & button covers. The flip-back panel for dockability is the sort of Spexy little detail that makes CandyShell the tastiest, most functional iPad case around.

The CandyShell features…

* One-of-a-kind design; seamless hard shell case with soft, rubberized interior lining

* Flip-back panel for use with iPad dock and iPad keyboard dock (not included)

* Rubberized interior, front bezel and button covers offer shock absorption and protection

* Hard Shell. Soft Center. Sweet Looks… The ultimate in protection for iPad


To get the iPad into the CandyShell…

Slide right (button) side of iPad into the CandyShell case first, then gently snap the other edges of the case around the edge of the screen. To use with dock connector cable, iPad dock or keyboard dock, pull open the flip-back panel. Please do not attempt to use flip-back panel as a stand or “foot”. To remove the CandyShell iPad case, pull open the flip-back panel at the bottom, and then work off the bottom corners. From the bottom up, pull your iPad out of the top corners of the CandyShell.


The shell feels sturdy. Seriously it is well-constructed and looks like it will put up with a lot of use and abuse… all the while protecting your precious iPad.

The back is shiny… VERY shiny. After intentionally trying to mark it up a bit I did notice some surface scratches. They didn’t detract from the CandyShell’s appearance all that much and I love the fact that the scratches were on the shell… not the iPad.


The CandyShell has a cover that protects the volume rocker while allowing it to still function fully. The screen rotation lock is not covered but is recessed enough to protect it but still use it.


The case has holes at the bottom that allow sound to escape the speaker will also protecting it. Speck


The first around the iPad is fantastic. And the case comes above the iPad just enough to protect the screen if you put it face down on the table. (Suggestion- don’t put it face down on the table.)


At the bottom of the case is a “cut-out” that allows you to pull the CandyShell back and reveal the area around the dock connector. It looks like it could function as a stand for the iPad. But…


Speck is quite clear- IT IS NOT A STAND FOR THE IPAD.


It does, however, let you dock the iPad in the cradle or the keyboard Cradle without having to remove the device from the case first.


It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever used a Speck case that this set up works exactly as advertised.


The Speck CandyShell for Apple iPad has an MSRP of $49.95 and can be ordered directly from them.

What I Like-

Looks great, fits perfectly, has “lay-on-the-table design, allows you to use the iPad stand or keyboard stand without removing the iPad, relatively easy to put on and get off

What Needs Improvement-

Back is shiny so fingerprints and scratches will show, screen rotation button harder to access due to being recessed

In summary- this is typical Speck. The case is well designed, well made and does a good job of protecting your iPad. If this is the style of protection you prefer I highly recommend this case. At $50 it isn’t cheap but it is right in line with cases of this style and quality. Personally I lean more toward cases that also protect the screen but that is a different style of case entirely.

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