3 Speck ClickLock Accessories: Proving That It is Possible to Build a Better MagSafe Mousetrap 

MagSafe for iPhones was a game changer for wireless charging. The magic of magnets ensured that the phone and charging plate were always perfectly aligned, meaning no fumbling when laying the phone down to charge wirelessly. Then came the accessories that employed the same magnets to stay in place. But the new Speck ClickLock accessories take MagSafe to an entirely new level, and the first accessories make it clear why.

Yes, Speck Makes Luggage… and It’s Great

“What’s in those?” My wife Raina asked me when two large boxes arrived at the house. “Oh, that’s review samples of Speck’s new luggage.” “Speck?” she asked, looking at me strangely, “Don’t they make iPhone cases?” “They make some of the best and now… Speck makes luggage.” So let’s check it out.

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line

We know Speck makes some of the most protective cases on the market; we know Speck has cases for pretty much every device currently available, and we know Speck rolled out cases for each of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones.

Speck Presidio Mount Has a Magnetic Personality

I reviewed Speck’s Presidio case for the iPhone 7 last year. Slimmer AND more protective, it replaced their CandyShell line. I was impressed. (Read my review.) I’m now using a Presidio case with my iPhone X, but it isn’t just any Presidio case. No, this is the Speck Presidio Mount and it works with Scosche’s MagicMount line. I love it!

3 Awesome Cases to Protect the Samsung Galaxy S9

So you just got a shiny new Galaxy S9? The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is made of a tougher build than its predecessor, the S8. That said, it’s still quite the fragile device. And there’s no worse feeling than the experience of dropping and cracking your brand new phone.

Speck Delivers Something New with Their Presidio Mount

I love the wireless charging of the iPhone X. I love the protection offered by Speck’s various cases. And I love that Speck is now bringing an iPhone case to market that works with Scosche’s MagicMount line of products that offers zero interference with the wireless charging. The Presidio Mount was created in partnership with Scosche and looks great!

Speck Cases for iPhone X Roundup

If you got one of the amazing iPhone X smartphones for Christmas, Chanukkah, or Festivus you know it’s a great pocket computer. You also know it needs a good case to protect the glass on both the front and the back. Fortunately, Speck has some great options that look great and do a nice job of protecting your pricey iPhone.

Speck Balance FOLIO for 10.5” iPad Pro Delivers Serious Protection

When I get a new iPad, I’m always hesitant to bring it outside. After all, my iPad was a $1000 investment and carrying it around without protection makes me nervous. Fortunately, Speck was quick to release their new Speck Balance FOLIO for 10.5” iPad Pro. It is a simple case that adds serious protection and much more.

Speck Smartshell Plus for 9.7” iPad Pro Hits the Sweet Spot

The right case for your mobile device is a key part of maximizing its usefulness. In the case of my 9.7” iPad Pro that is especially true. It goes everywhere with me and I use it all the time. Thankfully, I finally found the right balance with the Speck Smartshell Plus for 9.7” iPad Pro and the Apple Smart Keyboard.

Speck Presidio for iPhone 7 Has Me Back Digging Speck’s Cases

I used Speck cases for quite some time. They looked great and offered good protection. Eventually, however, I began finding them to be a bit too bulky. I stopped using Speck on my personal phones. With the arrival of a review sample of the Speck Presidio for iPhone 7, I’m back with Speck. Here’s why.

Speck’s Presidio Line of iPhone 7 Plus Cases Impresses with its Slim Protection

Speck’s new Presidio line offers impressive drop protection while only adding minimal bulk to your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. The Presidio cases are made with a polycarbonate outer-layer and a layer of Speck’s own shock-absorbent rubber called Impactium on the interior of the case. Speck’s Presidio cases are available in a number of finishes and start at $44.95.

Speck 40% Off Sale Ends Today!

Speck makes some of the most solid and best-fitting cases I’ve used. Today is the last day to save 40% on just about everything they offer – as well as receive free shipping which enables your gift to arrive in time for the December holiday.

Speck Candyshell Clear iPhone 6S Cases Offer Clearly Better Protection

My new iPhone 6S is amazing. It has the same great design as the previous generation but speed, 3D touch and an improved camera. All that adds up to a powerful smartphone. I wanted to protect my investment but didn’t want to hide the sleek design and good looks. That’s where the Speck Candyshell Clear iPhone 6S Case comes in.

Speck CandyShell INKED for iPhone 6 Plus Burst with Color and Design- Giveaway

We recently took a look at the Speck CandyShell GRIP for iPhone 6 Plus. We are, in fact, giving a few away. This time we’re looking at the Speck CandyShell INKED for iPhone 6 Plus and, once again, have a few to give away. These $44.95  cases not only look amazing but they protect your Apple phablet too! These cases offer all the military-grade protection of the CandyShell line while serving up high-res graphics that pop. The available designs include: ColorDip Blue/River Blue FreshFloral Pink/River Blue RainbowDrop Pattern/Wisteria Purple Lush Floral/Beaming Orchid SuperNova Red Pattern/Tahoe Blue My biggest concern when speck…

Speck DuraFolio for iPad Mini Review

My search for an iPad mini case that strikes the right balance between style, protection, and bulk brought me to the Speck DuraFolio for iPad Mini. It offers unique styling, food protection and despite initially looking a bit bulky, it is surprisingly svelte. Would it become my daily driver and go-to case for my iPad mini? Only time would tell.

Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air Review

As you may have read here on Gear Diary, Speck was recently purchased by Samsonite. I’m curious to see what new products begin to appear as a result. Even before this happened however the lineup of Speck cases continued to increase. One of the newest cases is the Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air; it comes in five different color combinations.

Speck Acquired by Samsonite!

The folks at Speck know how to protect your phone; the folks at Samsonite protect your clothes, electronics, and other gear when you’re on the go. Now they’re combining forces, as Samsonite is reportedly acquiring Speck for a whopping 85 million dollars! Sena, Lifeproof, and now Speck have all been acquired…the age of case manufacturer consolidation is clearly upon us!  

Quick Video Look at Three Upcoming iPad Air Case Reviews

We’ve got three iPad Air case reviews coming this week and thought we might take an early look at video reviews of each. The three premium cases come from some of our favorite case companies and each offers some unique qualities that make it an intriguing option if you are looking to protect and add functionality to your iPad Air.