Here Is The Best Argument Yet For Jailbreaking Your iPad… FullForce


Sure you can use the “PixelDoubling” of an iPhone app to blow it up and use it on the iPad if a dedicated iPad or universal version of your favorite app is not yet out. It gives you the FUNCTIONALITY you want but it doesn’t look all the good. Okay, let’s be serious. It looks lousy.


PixelDoubling is better than nothing but it isn’t GOOD. But while we wait for apps like Documents To Go to release a new or updated version it is the best we can do. At least it was until now. If you are jailbroken you can now fix the image quality of an iPhone app running on the iPad with ease thanks to FullForce, an app available in the Cydia store for free.


Suddenly the images of an iPhone app can look… well… see for yourselves…


The text looks great and makes it easy to read and write…


This is the same document as the one at the top… only with FullForce running on my iPad. And best of all… it is simple to use.

You just load the app, re-spring, go to settings and toggle those apps you want FullForce to “fix”.


After that iPhone apps will look great. No, you won’t get the added functionality many iPad apps are able to offer thanks to the increased screen real estate but…


Suddenly the iPhone New York Times app looks great and doesn’t limit you to the anemic content available in the iPad Times Select app.


And while Pocket Informant will hopefully see an iPad version (or at least a universal version) soon (and I will be the first in line to buy it!!!) but until then you can now use the app with more clarity on the iPad.

Best of all it is free, free, FREE!

There was already a hack to make this trick possible, but it was rather complex and needed to be done for each and every app. Loading FullForce and starting to use it, on the other hand, took me three minutes.

I am not recommending Jailbreaking. If you do so you do so at your own risk. But if you do Jailbreak… This is awesome!

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7 Comments on "Here Is The Best Argument Yet For Jailbreaking Your iPad… FullForce"

  1. FullForce is the best, it is the only reason I Jailbroke my iPad. I just couldn’t live without Reeder to read my RSS feeds and the FF’d version of it is perfect for my needs. Tweetie 2 worked OK enough, just home the disappearance of it from the AppStore maybe means the Twitter relaunch of the app and hopefully a Universal Binary or iPad version as well !!

  2. nathaniel the greatest | May 18, 2010 at 11:04 am |

    First, let me say that I love your blog.

    For the love of Ghod, can’t you use thumbnails? Those screenshots are huge. The images are so big that they violate good web design principles, and they also make your RSS feed unusable. Please, please, please, do something about this.

    • Dan Cohen | May 18, 2010 at 10:08 pm |

      I ran this through Google’s “let’s make our point without being rude and offensive” translator app (it is a new tool intended to bring civility back to the web) 🙂 and this is the comment that came out…

      “Hey, the size of the images is wreaking havoc on my RSS feeds. Is there a way to use images that are small in size? Thanks!”

  3. Here Is The Best Argument Yet For Jailbreaking Your iPad… FullForce

  4. Here Is The Best Argument Yet For Jailbreaking Your iPad… FullForce

  5. arebelspy | May 18, 2010 at 9:26 pm |

    Full force doesn’t work perfectly on 90%+ of iphone apps, often when made bigger stuff gets misaligned, video in a box doesn’t get bigger, scrolling will have issues, etc. etc.

    (problems with mint, colberts the word, etc)

    I think after testing it on about 30 iphone apps I have kept it enabled on 3-4. I’m still really waiting on developers kto make iPad friendly apps, because full force doesn’t cut it for most of them.

  6. arebelspy | May 18, 2010 at 9:27 pm |

    IMO, backgrounder is the best argument for jailbreaking. Running pandora while browsing the web, leaving open downloaded while going to play a game, leaving skype running to receive calls while minimized and doing something else, etc. Having multiple apps is killer (and will be solely for jail broken devices for months until the os 4.0 update)

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