Instant Business Card to Contacts Conversion with INTSIG’s CamCard App

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Instant Business Card to Contacts Conversion with INTSIG's CamCard App

The CamCard App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

If you’re a member of the professional world, you’re probably used to pocketing business cards like a pro. You slide them right into your pocket, only to fumble them out later for the information you need. It’s not a terrible system. If you’re a smart phone owner, however, you’ll know how time-consuming it is to manually enter business card information into your contacts. INTSIG’s CamCard app makes that process a lot faster and easier.

Using your smartphone’s camera as a rudimentary scanner, the app targets the necessary information from the photo and converts it into your address book. The app, which sounds promising already, has received numerous acknowledgments and awards. “CamCard outdoes competitors …” states The New York Times, while the application has also received nods from Apple’s App Store, Blackberry, and the Android Marketplace.

For the international businessman, developer INTSIG has created a program that supports 20 of the most commonly used global languages. If this wasn’t enough, Cloud saves are included. You’ll never have to worry about losing scanned contact information again.

If you’re an incredibly business-savvy smartphone user, CamCard is available for a hefty $6.99. You can pick up the application from the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, or however Blackberry users download things. Seriously, I have no idea.

For more information on INTSIG products, check out their website.

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