C25K Week 2: Get On The Bus

C25K Week 2: Get On The Bus

There’s nothing like peer pressure to get you motivated.  Last week I told you that after hearing my plan to start the C25K program and write about it for the site both Judie and Dan eagerly joined in too.  Dan’s still on the sidelines with his wrist injury but Judie and I are plugging along, despite Judie battling illness and getting ready for her wedding!

Well after seeing my week one article even more members of the Gear Diary staff decided they wanted in on the fun as well.  Starting this week with week one of the C25K were Travis, Joel, Jason, and Francis.  It’s a regular C25K party!

Week 2 of the C25K program builds only slightly on the week one workout plan.  We’re still in the infancy phase of running so the program doesn’t look to hurt us, yet.  That’ll come soon.

The workouts for the week?

3 days of the following:

  • 5 – minute warm up walk.
  • 90 seconds running
  • 2 – minutes walking
  • Total 29 minutes.

This week’s workout’s were much like last week’s for me.  The additional amount of running added to each running interval wasn’t enough to make a tremendous impact especially since the walking portions were lengthened.  I did have to do two of my workouts on my treadmill since my wife was traveling this week.  I found it quite easy to use the speed setting of the treadmill to adjust when I had to walk and when I had to run.  I would have much rather been outdoors but it’s nice to know that when I have to be inside the treadmill handles the interval style workouts quite well.

I’ll tell you all about my treadmill in another week’s entry but for this week I wanted to focus on some of the gear I’ve been using in my workouts.

I use my iPod Touch 3G when running.  First off it’s smaller and lighter than my iPhone.  Second, I keep more music stored on it which offers me more variety when running.  And finally, I care less about it than I do my phone so if something were to happen to it I wouldn’t be bothered.  Of course that leaves me without a phone which some say is important to have when out running, for emergencies, but it hasn’t been an issue yet.

To secure my iPod Touch when running I use a Scosche IPA3GB arm band.  I choose it for one simple reason.  It’s compatible with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Since the iPod Touch’s headphone port is on the bottom and the iPhone’s on the top any iPhone specific arm band won’t work with the iPod Touch and vice versa.  The Scosche arm band has cutouts on both the top and the bottom so you can use either device.  Now I know I said I don’t carry my iPhone but I like knowing I can if I need to.

The Scosche IPA3GB has a clear plastic overlay on the screen which protects it.  You’re still able to use the device through the screen protector though.  It features a Velcro closure method and has a spot to store a key.  It’s large enough that it should fit on most arms and adjust to smaller ones too.

C25K Week 2: Get On The Bus

For headphones I use a set of Nike Sport Flow Headphones.

These headphones are perfect for running.  I always seem to have an issue with headphones staying in my ears when exercising.  Regular ear buds just pop out.  The Nike ones have ear loops when keep them secured to my ears.  The cord is another issue.  Long cords get tangled and end up in the way while you’re running.  These have an inline winder that allows you to tuck the excess cord away and a clip to attach it smartly to your shirt.

C25K Week 2: Get On The Bus

Just like last week I got my three workouts completed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, waking at 6 AM to do each one.  Routines work well for me.  I need to have a system in order to succeed and completing my workouts on the same day at the same time each work makes things easier.  Monday’s run was a true pleasure.  We were down at the Outer Banks for a wedding so I got to complete along the ocean on one of my most favorite spots on earth.  Quite the contrast to Wednesday and Friday which were spent indoors on the treadmill.

Starting next week I plan to throw in some additional cardio workouts on two of the off days, most likely on my elliptical trainer.  This will help build stamina and endurance which in turn will make the running days easier.

As for Judie, she was a little busy this week, getting married!  But she still managed to get her 3 workouts in and even ran on her wedding day!  She’ll be back in next week’s post.

Until then – keep moving.

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  1. Travis Ehrlich | May 24, 2010 at 11:06 am |

    Week 2 day 1 is not too difficult so I upped my intensity. I ran at least 300 meters for each running segment. It was much more painful that way.

    Judie has been dedicated. I ran Week 2 Day 3 with her on her wedding day! How cool is that!?!

  2. Travis was awesome and very motivating; he even adjusted his pace to fit mine! What a GREAT coach! :-))

  3. And Doug, durn it! You keep forgetting Doug!

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