Lapworks iPad Recliner Brings LaZBoy Goodness to Your Workspace

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Lapworks iPad Recliner Brings LaZBoy Goodness to Your Workspace

The iPad simply begs to be held in a propped position, whether it’s being used as an extra computer monitor, as a cookbook in the kitchen, with a Bluetooth keyboard as an impromptu netbook replacement, or in any o dozens of other scenarios. Those who agree will want to pay attention to the latest offering from Lapworks … the iPad Recliner.

What sets it apart from all the other iPad docks?

The iPad Recliner is unique because it is one of the few iPad stands that has dozens of incline positions to choose from. The majority of the iPad stands on the market today are in a single fixed positions. We believe that products in one fixed position force the user to adjust to it rather than the other way around.

In the true sense of a recliner, the iPad Recliner adjusts effortlessly without disturbing the position of the iPad. It elevates from 40° up to 65° or from 4-1/2” up to 8-1/2” of incline.

Those who prefer to use their dedicated eReaders in an upright and hands-free position needn’t feel left out, as the Lapworks iPad Recliner will work beautifully with those devices as well.

Lapworks iPad Recliner Brings LaZBoy Goodness to Your Workspace

You can find the Lapworks iPad Recliner for the discounted price of $29.95 at the Lapworks site; we’ll have a review unit in early June. 🙂

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