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The other day Bryan (who we are THRILLED to have writing for Gear Diary now!!) wrote an interesting piece entitled Where’s My “Made for Android”? In it he reflected on the fact that there are so many different accessories available for iOS devices but a relative few for Android-running phones and tablets. Of course this is, in part, due to the fact that iOS devices are few in number and their specs are tightly controlled by Apple while Android is all over the place (go ahead, shoot your flaming arrows but you KNOW it is true!). That doesn’t change the central point- if you use an Android device your options are limited but if you use an iPhone, an iPod touch or an iPad there are accessories galore ready and waiting for you to decide which will add the most value to the juggernaut tablet.

For some this will mean looking for an accessory that protects the iPad and lets you use it hands free on a desk or, for musicians, on a piano. The Joy Factory has been releasing some nice accessories over the past few months and are now offering the Klick. While I’m not particularly fond of companies intentionally misspelling words when they name their products (seriously… the word is Click!), that’s actually one of the few things I don’t like about this iPad accessory. Let’s take a look…


The Joy Factory Klick isn’t actually a product but rather it is a line of products that let you use the iPad in a variety of settings. The company sent the Klick Desk Stand for iPad 2 for review. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Elegant iPad 2 Desk Stand with unlimited viewing angles for comfortable viewing and usage. The Klick iPad 2 Desk Stand from The Joy Factory is the perfect simple mounting solution for daily usage. The elegant design fits in your home or office, making your iPad 2 experience more enjoyable! The sturdy base with rotational Klick mechanism provides nearly unlimited viewing and usage angles, making it easier than ever to use your favorite tablet. Place it on desks, counters, or anywhere with a flat surface, enhancing your iPad 2 experience. The removable case is compatible with all mounts in The Joy Factory’s Klick mounting solutions, simply Klick the case into the mount. The white iPad 2 back case is compatible with Apple’s SmartCover adding extra protection. The Klick iPad 2 Stand reduces the possible injuries from prolonged usage of the iPad 2 with improper postures. The Klick iPad 2 Desk Stand is the perfect solution for those who enjoy using their iPad 2 for a long period of time.



• Elegant design, perfect for usage in home and office.

• Klick your iPad 2 into the Desk Stand for an enhanced iPad experience.

• Sturdy base with rotational Klick mechanism providing unlimited angles for optimal viewing.

• Love your Smart Cover? Use it together with the Klick series for a complete experience.

• Klick iPad2 detachable case is compatible with all Klick series mounting system

IMG 6674 1

The Klick Desk Stand for iPad 2 comes in three parts. There is the iPad 2 case, the base and the arm. The base is surprisingly light but it is weighted enough to create a stable base for the tablet when it is attached.

IMG 6676 1

The arm fits into the base but requires a bit of force in order to click (Klick- GAH!!!) it into place. It took me a while since I did not want to break it before I even had a chance to use it. I didn’t and, once in place, it appears that the arm is NEVER coming out of the base. This is an issue if you plan on moving the Klick Desk Stand from one location to another but it does mean the stand will hold up and not accidentally come apart, sending your iPad crashing down.

IMG 6679 1

The iPad case itself has the now-familiar design with cutouts in all the right places and one milled edge that accommodates the Apple Smart Cover.

IMG 6688 1

I’m still rather mixed on this whole approach. After all, if you decide not to use the Smart Cover you will find one entire side of the iPad exposed and unprotected.

Then there is the vanity cutout in the middle that also leaves the iPad exposed. But we will get there in a moment.

IMG 6680 1

Once in the case the iPad is held tightly in place and there is no loss of access to the screen or any of the buttons and controls. As a case, the Klick is rather well-designed.

IMG 6682 1

The case does protect the back of the iPad. Well, actually, it protects most of the back of the iPad. In addition to the exposed side where the Smart Cover can attach, the company left the middle portion open. This opening is a necessary evil since it is the point of connection between the case and the rest of the system and it mean that when you are not using the iPad with the rest of the Klick system you can see the Apple logo shining through. Some like that but I don’t care for the extra iPad vulnerability, after all that is WHY I use a case in the first place, and I wish the company had provided an insert that could cover the spot when it is open.

IMG 6683 1

On the bright side, the cutouts are precise and the Joy Factory designed the case to expose only as much of the iPad itself as is necessary to allow it to fully function. The bets example of this is the cutout for the speak which is no larger than it has to be and frames the “grill” perfectly.

IMG 6685 1

This same approach holds true for the control cutouts in the upper corner. In fact, the camera hole add some excellent protection to the lens by recessing it just enough.

IMG 6690 1

Once the base is put together and the iPad case is on the tablet you can click (Klick gah!) the round connector on the base into the hole at the back of the iPad 2 case. Making the connection is simple and the two parts become one seamless, and sturdy, unit. From there you can have the iPad held in portrait.

IMG 6697 1

But you can quickly rotate the tablet into landscape if that is preferable.

IMG 6702 1

The Joy Factory Klick Desk stand for iPad 2 definitely makes a stable base for the iPad 2 and I can see it being quite useful if you are at your desk working and want to use the tablet to add some screen real estate. I can also see it being rather useful if you are a musician and want to use the iPad for your sheet music. (In fact, this review sample is going to a friend’s son who is a musician and got an iPad 2 for Hanukkah last night.)

The point of connection between the stand and the iPad case is flexible and allows you to have the iPad held at a variety of angles. At the same time, this accessory loses points because the base itself does not have any adjustments. You cannot change the angle at which the arm sits in relationship to the base and you cannot adjust the height either. For most people that won’t be an issue but it does mean that an accessory that is designed to give you flexibility when using your iPad 2 is actually a bit inflexible. That’s a shame since this is an otherwise excellent addition to the iPad 2 accessory ecosystem.

You can learn all about the Klick accessory system for the iPad 2 over on the Joy Factory website.

MSRP: $59.95

What I Like: Good quality; Holds the iPad in landscape or portrait; Case can be used alone and functions with Apple Smart Covers; part of a larger series of useful accessories

What Needs Improvement: When the case is used alone one side and the area around the Apple logo are full exposed; Limited ability to adjust it

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  1. Dan Rosner | May 22, 2012 at 7:10 pm |

    Question- how sturdy is the iPad when clicked into the base? My son has cerebral palsy and- the best way to describe it- is that he’s going to whack it a bit and be very ‘clumsy’ using it. Is this base fairly sturdy?

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