Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad Review

Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad Review

I’ve been enjoying using my iPad in its naked form.  Truth be told I do have it wrapped safely in a full body Clear Coat protectant skin but it’s as close to naked as I’m willing to go.

That being said pouch style cases seem to work best for me.  I definitely need something to protect the iPad when I’m carrying it around but want something that allows me to keep the device as sleek as possible when I’m using it.

Zippered pouches are nice but they require some work when I need the device.  The Fabrix Magic Sleeve is a simple pouch style case that comes in 10 different pattens.  It offers a nice amount of cushioning so you know your device will be protected too.

The Magic Sleeve is available in 10 different patterns.  Some conservative, some not so much.  Bottom line, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad Review

The company was kind enough to send me one of their more conservative designs, Gray – Neutral Pack.  The front side of the sleeve reminds me of denim.  It’s soft and cushy and you can really feel the padding inside.

Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad Review

The interior of the sleeve is lined with a seersucker pattern and it features a “Pillow Flap” design that secures the iPad in position while inserted in the sleeve, preventing the iPad from accidentally slipping out.

Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad Review

When inserted into the sleeve the iPad rests tightly inside.  There’s virtually no wiggle room, which means your iPad isn’t going anywhere.  When you do need it the device slides easily from the pouch.

Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad Review

If you’re using your iPad without a case, or you have  some sort of full body shield on it, you need to consider some sort of protection for when you’re transporting your iPad around.  A pouch style case, like the Fabrix Magix Sleeve, offers a good amount shock and impact protection.  And with a ton of colors and patterns to choose from you’ll insure your iPad looks good while you tote it around as well.

The Fabrix Magic Sleeve is available directly from the manufacturer’s web site.

M.S.R.P. – $32.90

What I like – many colors and patterns to choose from, good padding, in-expensive.

What I don’t like – a little bulky due to the padding.

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