Review: iHome iP88

Review:  iHome iP88

I’ve been using the Sony ICF-CL75iP as my bed side clock since I reviewed back in November.  While the Sony does a ton, arguably  more than any alarm clock on the market, it’s not without its faults.  Most prevalent, it only has one dock and the screen is so bright it sometimes keeps me up.

While on a recent shopping trip with my wife at a “home” store I stumbled across the iHome iP88 and on impulse snatched it up.

Here’s how iHome describes the unit:

The iP88 is an innovative clock radio for iPhone & iPod that features two docks allowing you to charge both your iPhone and iPod simultaneously. The iP88 has several unique features, including a remote control, digital AM/FM presets, EQ controls, and even 3D sound for an enhanced audio experience. The iP88 also allows you to wake to your custom iPod playlist at different times on different days with our 7-5-2 feature, programmable snooze settings, and triple alarm. You’ll also enjoy phenomenal sound around the clock with our Reson8 stereo speaker chambers.

The iP88 is pretty standard as far as clock radios go but what makes it unique is the fact that it contains two iPod docks.  Currently, at night,  I have my iPod Touch inside the Sony and my iPhone inserted in the Apple iPhone Dock.  While this works it isn’t always convenient.  Often times I don’t take my iPod Touch with me during the day and therefore it doesn’t get updated with any new podcasts I’m subscribed too.  My iPhone does however, but since that’s not what’s plugged into the clock I don’t get to listen to it.

Review:  iHome iP88

The iP88 along comes with a power adapter, AM antenna, instruction manual, remote control and two sets of dock adapters.

Review:  iHome iP88

Each side of the iP88 can accommodate a different iPod.  You’ll need to fit the dock adapters inside each cradle based upon the devices you plan to place into them.

Review:  iHome iP88

In my case I chose to place my iPod Touch on the right side and my iPhone on the left.

Review:  iHome iP88

In addition to charging both devices while inserted the iP88 has a bunch of different alarm functions.  You can set up to 3 alarms and have them wake you to wake to your iPhone, iPod, a playlist, the AM/FM Radio or a buzzer.  The unit also features Bass, treble, 3D sound and balance controls as well as backlit buttons and 8 radio presets.

Review:  iHome iP88

The iP88 has a sync button too which allows you to sync the clock on your iPod to the clock on the iP88.

The front of the iP88 has a pleasant bluish backlight that’s easy on the eyes.

Review:  iHome iP88

The alarms are easy to set and the sound it puts out is decent enough for a bed side unit.  Perhaps my only complaint is the iP88 is a little on the bulky side but I’ve replaced both my Sony and the iPhone dock with it so size wise it’s all a wash.

Review:  iHome iP88

The iHome iP88 is available in a variety of retail stores as well directly from the iHome website.

M.S.R.P. – $149.99

What I like  – Allows for two devices to be simultaneously charged.

What I don’t like – Bulky.

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