MyPadMedia Just Won’t Quit

MyPadMedia Just Won't Quit

We’ve warned, exposed, and ranted about myPadMedia, but they just won’t stay down! The latest from them shows they’re just getting more brazen as this saga continues.

First, I received this email from over the weekend:

Hi Carly,

I’ve just read your article exposing myPadMedia’s mis-use of, and I think they’re doing the same thing to

If you still have an account with myPadMedia would you mind logging in to see if that is the case? I had a few emails from folks yesterday asking for refunds, and if I’ve guessed correctly then I may have blocked them from framing, but I can’t tell without logging in– and I’m loathe to buy an account just to check.

In any case, thanks for writing the exposé!


I checked, and they had already begun relinking to Feedbooks, who were able to block them yet again.

Then I received an email from Matt at

Hi Carly,
Earlier today I was contacted by one of the guys that myPadMedia are now linking to my site;
I also received an email from Jonathan Crawford stating that they have provided “…a link to ePubBooks and…may see some extra traffic from our site because of our recommendation. We hope this is okay.” It seems they are now doing the rounds with different eBook sites.
I’ve only just got home, but I’ll be putting up a redirect as soon as I can.
Best Regards,
Mike Cook


If you were a member of myPadMedia, you would see this message if you log in:

MyPadMedia Just Won't Quit

What amazes me is that myPadMedia just does not give up. They are just hopping from site to site, looking for holes to tap into ebook databases. What’s worst of all is that the longer this goes on, the more people are going to fall for their trickery.

MyPadMedia Just Won't Quit

And it looks like myPadMedia has either a twin site, or there’s another ebook scam out there…we were alerted today via a reader about, which bears a striking resemblance to myPadMedia, down to the lack of information about their catalog or what your $47 will buy you.

MyPadMedia Just Won't Quit

Worst of all, there’s been no change to the main page of myPadMedia. They still have testimonials up claiming you can read the full “Twilight” saga, for example. I think filling the Grand Canyon with sand using a teaspoon would yield faster results!

But, as always, buyer beware, and if you see something that sounds too good to be true it probably is!

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  1. scubadude314 | August 24, 2010 at 6:55 pm |

    Don’t want to defend this obvious scam but the bottom of their main page, in tiny print and grey font, does state :

    “ does not provide a direct database for downloading. provides members with the necessary links, tutorials & unlimited technical support for their downloading needs.”

    • Does now… Don’t recall seeing that at the time.
      And regardless they are still totally sleazy.

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