Sena Collega for iPad Takes iPad Slipcases to a Whole New Level – Review

Sena Collega for iPad Takes iPad Slipcases to a Whole New Level - Review

I love Sena’s cases. Their Folio for iPad is by far my favorite iPad case thus far and I use it all the time. When I saw their new Collega appear on the site I was intrigued. Here was an iPad case that stood out a bit from the others I had seen. Since it was “on sale” during pre-release I jumped on it and put in my order.


It arrived last week and I’ve been using it on and off since. Let’s take a look.


From Sena–

The Collega stands out with a compact all-in-one design and offers a functional and modern style. Hold the case from the double handle option or slide-in the inset handles to hide them and hold the case as a clutch. The side cargo pocket with snapable flap accommodates additional support items such as earphones, sync cord or power cord. The durable side zipper with leather pull-tabs allows easy access to your iPad. The soft micro velvet lining provides protection against scratching your device. It is individually handcrafted from the finest genuine napa leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The Collega combines cargo capacity and functionality with a fashion-forward style.



Hand-crafted from the finest quality full grain, genuine leather

Modern fashion forward compact all-in-one design

Designed for hand carrying or clutching

Concealed sliding handles

Side cargo pocket with snap closure

Zip closure for secure quick access

Padded construction for added protection

Soft micro velvet lining

Sena high-quality handmade craftsmanship

Sena Case 3.png

The first thing you notice when you open the box containing the Collega is that it has the same quality as other Sena products. The leather is gorgeous. It is flawless, soft and rich in color. The various pieces that combine to make the case are perfectly formed and the seams are tight and straight.


Seriously, this is a rather complicated case made of a number of different pieces of leather, including two retractable leather handles, and there is not one imperfection in it.


The retractable handles are a nice touch. They feel nice and secure and don’t give any indication that they will loosen over time. The handles mean that you can use the Collega alone or, after pushing them in, use it the way you would use any other sleeve.


The outside pocket is great for carrying a few items you might want with you when you use the Collega without any other bag.

Sena Case 9.png

Speaking of iPad sleeves, the Collega only opens on one of the short sides.


You slip the iPad inside, zip and are good to go.


The fit is snug and I recommend pushing the iPad as far in as it will go so that the zipper doesn’t come in contact with the iPad when you close it up. The inside of the case is a soft velvet that helps ensure the iPad stays safe and secure.

The Sena Collega is a nice way to carry your iPad with you. It is especially good if you have the device Clear-Coated and, as a result, tend to use it naked most of the time. No, it won’t protect the iPad while you are using it but to get from point A to point B it does the job. Best of all, it does the job in a way that stands out from the pack.

Yes, at $150 the Collega is pricey… very pricey. But for that $150 you get a case that is made from high quality leather, has a build quality that is second to none and looks different than all the “me-too” slip cases already available for the iPad.

The Sena Collega for iPad has an MSRP of $150 and can be ordered directly from Sena’s Web site.

What I Like–

Gorgeous leather, flawlessly constructed, can be used on its own or with a briefcase, soft interior protects the iPad when inside

What Needs Improvement–


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