The End of Free Soda Refills?


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The End of Free Soda Refills? Listen to this article

The End of Free Soda Refills?

Last Friday night my family went to a nice downtown Corning pub, and noticed printed signs all around stating that a new policy would permit only one free soda refill, after which guests would have to pay for another full-priced drink.

I really didn’t think anything of it until I saw this post on Consumerist:

The End of Free Soda Refills?

According to the article:

This dire message at a Tucson Italian beef joint claims the restaurant’s dissolution of its free refill policy has to do with outside forces conspiring to make soda syrup too pricey.

Have you seen anything like this in your town, or is the price hike restricted to Northwest Tucson? Is this the beginning of the end for free refills or just an aberration?

When our kids drained their first soda in a single breath, they already knew they only got one more – a point that the waitress also made very clear. Unlike the sign above, Murphy’s offered no explanation for their new policy. We actually discussed it as we ate, and assumed that it was because the place was pretty small and they wanted to discourage people from just sitting around occupying space in the crowded tavern guzzling free soda.

We went to a different place after teaching a middle school nanotechnology camp on Saturday, and that place was quite happy to let us drink all we wanted. What have you seen around your local establishments? Has the free refill tap started going dry where you live as well?

Source: Consumerist

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