ECOWRIST: Wearable Art That Helps The Planet

Every year I take one of my daughters on a weekend trip to NYC.  This past weekend on our annual excursion we stumbled across ECOWRIST at a street fair in the Soho section of Manhattan.  ECOWRIST was founded by husband and wife team David Gandy and MarQuerite Hamden in 2008 and the pair hand-makes watches from recycling, the use of natural materials, and minimal wastes to ensure as little effect on the environment as possible.

From the ECOWRIST web site………..

The primary components of the watches are bamboo, tagua nuts, acheera seeds, coconut, wood, cow’s leather and canaflecha (reed in English).  The leather used comes from local cow hides in the Amazon region.

The woods used are teca, incienso, granadillo and macana. The watch cases made with these woods come in square and rectangular shapes.  The cases of the watches made from bamboo are round or oval in shape.

The husband and wife duo have several different “collections” from which to choose from and each watch has its own individual style.

There’s Classic Wood:

Classic Bamboo:

Special Edition Tagua:

And other Special Editions:

The watches use a pretty unique closure method that allows them to be re-sized to fit any wrist.  They can be worn tight or loose depending on your individual preference.  The prices range from $70 – $120, and for a hand-made work of art that almost seems to good to be true to me.  I snatched up two pieces, one for myself and one for my wife.

The closure method utilizes a strong twine that’s locked into the watch and then pulled t tighten.  You secure the twine by wrapping it around a carved button that has a notch cut into it.  Even the large model I choose is extremely lightweight and ultra-comfortable to wear.  Each watch has a battery that’s easily replaced when needed too.

I’m all about “going-green” when I can.  I support community supported agriculture, I recycle most everything, compost, and more.  The ECOWRIST watches are just another way to help the planet and in turn get a really cool piece of “wearable-art” while doing so.

You can learn more about the entire line of ECOWRIST watches by visiting their web site here.  They also have a Facebook page where they showcase many of their products and the people who’ve bought them here.

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