iPhone & iPad App Review- Card Shark Takes a Bite Out of Boredom

Feeling a bit bored? Try a daily dose of Card Shark!

This card game app works on both the iPad and iPhone size devices. Out of all of the solitaire type card games I have tried, this one is by far the best I have come across in quite a long while. Part of its attraction is the fact that Card Shark offers 48 versions of card games and the developer is adding more on a regular basis. Some of the versions as shown in the below screenshot are FreeCell, GoFish, BlackJack, and my Favorite TriPeaks.

There are many card games out there, but one thing that sets this one apart is the degree to which you can customize it. You are able to change the “table” image using one of the 8 built-in ones or your own images. Your cards can also have a customized image placed on their backs. As you can see in this game of Tri-Peaks, I have a custom table with a motorcycle background and picture of a Jet for the card backgrounds.

I’ve played most of the different variations, and I have found myself having a hard time putting this game down especially with Tri-Peaks. Not only are there different types of solitaires that I haven’t seen before, it has the attractiveness to fit my style. The cards are responsive to your touch as are most of the games. Upon completing the game you are rewarded with beautiful fireworks. Below is a picture, but it doesn’t do the fireworks animation justice.

So go on, splurge $.99 so you can jump in and get a bite taken out of your boredom today by Card Shark.

Card Shark is in the App Store

MSRP: $.99

What I Like: The amount of card games and the ability to customize  the visual effects of the game.

What Needs Improvement: Different animations upon winning would be nice as fireworks gets old when you win often.

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