Graffiti for Android Gets Updated but Has a Bug

Graffiti for Android Gets Updated but Has a Bug

I sang the praises of Graffiti for Android when it first came out. It was solid and easy for quick text entry. Now Access has released an updated with the following improvements:

  • Autocorrect
  • Auto-capitalization
  • Word prediction
  • Input word learning
  • Japanese input

Effectively it goes from being a simple text entry system to a very full-featured one. It works great…except for one bug. Most text entry programs recognize if your device has a hard keyboard, and they don’t “pop up” if the keyboard is engaged. Graffiti, unfortunately, does appear even if the keyboard is extended. It makes for a difficult typing experience at times! I was able to inquire if Access was aware of the bug, and here was their response:

“We are currently aware of the potential issue some Android users who have a hard keyboard may experience with Graffiti 2.0.1. When switching to a hard keyboard, the Graffiti input area may continue to appear on the screen. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause as we diligently work to resolve the issue. Until we have a permanent fix in place, users can clear the input area when using their hard keyboards by pushing the back button. ACCESS is committed to supporting the Android platform and will continue to improve Graffiti as well as introduce new applications.”

I am less than thrilled with the bug itself, but it is great Access is aware and committed to fixing it. If/when there is an update that corrects this issue, I’ll update this post. In the meantime, has anyone tried Graffiti 2.0.1? What do you think of the autocorrect and other features? Share your thoughts below!

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